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Bob Poe Accepts Minimum Wage Challenge


Bob Poe, Democratic candidate for U.S. House in Florida's 10th Congressional district, announced Monday that he will take on the Minimum Wage Challenge.

With a budget of just $85 per week - just $17 per day - candidates for office undertake the challenge to better understand the challenges facing working people and families living on the current minimum wage. SEIU - the Service Employees International Union - launched the challenge to advocate for raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The challenge requires participants to pay for all non-housing expenses like food, healthcare, transportation and entertainment within this budget, which reflects a 40-hour workweek at an $8.05 hourly wage.

"When our community is prosperous, businesses thrive. I've learned in business that you can make money in good times and bad - but not if customers are struggling," said Bob Poe. "Raising the minimum wage to a decent, living standard is both the right thing to do, and good for businesses and our economy. And the Minimum Wage Challenge shows how far off the mark our current minimum wage is for millions of working families."

The Bob Poe for Congress campaign recently challenged the other 10th Congressional district candidates to follow his lead and pay their employees $15 per hour, following his hiring of numerous ex-felons at that hourly wage through his "Second Chance" hiring program.


The boundaries of Florida’s 10th Congressional District were created by the Florida Supreme Court on December 2, 2015. Here is a link to the decision. See page 108 for a map of the Approved Congressional Redistricting Plan.

As the map excerpt below shows, the new District 10 takes in all of Northwest, West and Southwest Orange County, including Apopka.

Florida 10th Congressional District




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