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Hurricane Season 2024

Blustery days are a breeze with proactive tree maintenance plan


Mature trees that canopy your home could actually be a menace during a severe storm or hurricane. Fallen or flying branches can destroy property, break windows, block evacuation routes, and disrupt power lines.

Conversely, well-maintained trees can shield homes during severe weather. With the 2024 hurricane season starting June 1, Orange County urges homeowners to proactively protect property before blustery weather blows into town.

While it might be tempting to fire up the chainsaw, contact a licensed tree-care specialist or certified arborist to survey your property and determine a pruning plan. Experts will inspect the treescape for dead or weak branches that could pose a safety hazard. Healthy trees benefit from an annual trim, but sick trees may require removal to safeguard the property. Did you know a well-trimmed tree can actually withstand gusty winds by allowing the air current to easily pass through its branches?

Before signing a service contract, be sure to get a couple of written quotes and obtain the proper permits.  When it comes to your trees, don’t wait until it’s too late. Integrate tree care maintenance as a crucial component of your overall hurricane preparedness plan.

To find an ISA-certified arborist in your community, please visit www.treesaregood.org.

For ongoing information on preparing for a hurricane, visit www.ocfl.net/storm.

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