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Best Sneakers for the Modern Man


The hype surrounding sneakers has gotten out of hand in recent days. Hypebeasts, resellers, and sneakerheads have become quite ruthless while copping for sneakers. The prices have become quite honestly outrageous due to the demand. 

The sneaker market keeps growing and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s no surprise since sneakers have become the ideal footwear for the modern man. Whether you need a stylish match for your favorite pair of jeans or a lounge suit, the result is a modern, trendy, and sophisticated look when you get the right kind of sneakers. 

Sneakers every fashionable man should own

As a modern 21st-century man, your dress code says a lot about you. In fact, many people tend to make an assumption based on how you dress. So, you would not want to go wrong here. With this in mind, below are some sneakers every man should own in 2022. 

The all white sneaker 

You can never go wrong with the all-white sneaker, which is why it will never go out of style. These sneakers have an unassuming neutral nature, allowing them to be dressed up or down for any occasion. Another upside with this style is that you can comfortably play around with your look. 

When buying such sneakers, you need to be subtle and simple. Ideally, you should opt for sneakers with a high-quality design and leather but minimal detailing. “Loud” detailing for such sneakers is never a good idea as it messes with the quality. 

The slip-on 

This is another style that you should never miss in your wardrobe. The good thing with slip-on sneakers is their subtlety - a trait that characterizes the modern man. As a man, time is essential, and slipping onto these sneakers is quick and easy as there are no laces. 

The brand? It would be best to go for the original - Vans. These are extremely popular and fashionable, making them the best option. Be careful, as there are thousands of imitations, so be sure to go for authentic Vans. 

The statement sneaker 

Men tend to shy away from statement sneakers. Rest assured, statement sneakers for men are a real thing, and they are trendy, mature, and forward. Keep in mind, however, that we are not talking about those flashy, multicolored sneakers calling themselves statement sneakers.

In our opinion, the modern man is characterized by simplicity and subtlety. The trend here is to go for simple statement sneakers and complement them with equally simple pieces, so they aren’t all competing for attention.

The high top 

High-top sneakers are timeless. Do you know that this style has been in fashion since the ’50s? It is still trendy to date, which means they are an essential addition to a modern man’s wardrobe. 

When you mention high-tops, we automatically think of the iconic Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star, associated with Chuck Taylor, the basketball star. However, you should note that high-tops come in different forms. A typical example is the GREATS Royale High. This brand came to the limelight in 2010 and has since racked up a massive customer base. 

The athletic sneaker 

If you follow the sneaker market, you will likely notice that sportswear and style are intertwined. Take a look, for instance, at the global sneaker brands such as Nike and Adidas. These brands are usually associated with athletics, which is the marketing channel they use.

Examples of athletic sneaker shoes include the Nike Air Max 98, which was hailed as one of Nike’s best running shoes. Getting your hands on its retro design is tricky as sneakerheads worldwide are on the lookout for such releases. 


Above are some of the best sneaker designs men should have in their wardrobe. With these sneakers, your fashion sense is bound to reach a new level. That’s not all, though. The confidence you will get by wearing fashion-forward and trendy shoes is unmatched.

While these shoes are critical to every man’s wardrobe, sometimes getting access to them can become an uphill task. This is because sneaker drops are usually met with much enthusiasm from sneakerheads, raising demand and creating artificial scarcity. Therefore, it would be best to arm yourself with a reliable sneaker bot and a proxy. Visit IPRoyal today for the best sneaker proxies!

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