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Becker has huge fundraising period


Fueled by an infusion of Apopka growers’ donations, Kyle Becker far outdistanced his two opponents for Seat #4 of the Apopka City Commission in fundraising for the February 1st-12th reporting period. His haul of $6,755 led Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith ($700) and Young Kim ($382.50). In Seat #3, Commissioner Sam Ruth led the way with $2,675 for the period, followed by Doug Bankson with $400 and Alice Nolan with $200.

Arrowsmith still leads in overall donations with $18,655, followed by Bankson ($16,515), Becker ($16,120), Ruth ($15,215, Kim ($2,322) and Nolan ($1,625).

Bankson has the most cash on hand with $12,999, followed by Arrowsmith $11,670, Becker $6,708, Ruth $6,508, Kim $147 and Nolan $88.

It was on February 11th that a group of growers got together, unofficially represented by Wayne Mercer of Mercer Botanicals in Zellwood, to hear Becker's research on the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District (LANGD). They were so impressed by his knowledge on the subject, that after the meeting several of them donated to Becker's campaign.

"We presented the information to him (Becker) in December," said Mercer. "We said go and research it, and he comes back in Februar as informed as anyone I know on LANGD. And so we believe he will be part of the solution to the David and Goliath fight we are in."

According to Mercer, Arrowsmith was not interested in changing LANGD or even listening to the grower's concerns.

"Bill Arrowsmith has had ties to our industry because he grew up in Apopka. He has told me on a number of occasions 'you know I'm on the grower's side. I've always been a friend to the industry.' But I don't see the actions. Two years ago I asked him to help. I gave him my phone number and email - nothing. He has no interest in any change. He won't talk to us. He just wants us to go away."


Campaign Finance Table 02.12.2016

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