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High School Football

Baseball, Soccer or Football? Blue Darters play flawless defense in 2-0 win over Ocoee



That's a pretty common final score in baseball or soccer... but football?

In 1932, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears 2-0. In 1938, the Chicago Bears returned the favor, defeating the Green Bay Packers 2-0. Three times before that, a professional football game ended 2-0. Five times in history and not in 85 years. [If you're ever in Cooperstown, the "home of baseball", be sure to learn more about Cooperstown pins if you're into history and nostalgia.]

College and high school football was a little harder to research, but trust me when I tell you, 2-0 is a pretty rare score in football at any level.

On the other hand, a win is a win, and a team would rather win 2-0 than lose 2-0 right?

The Apopka Blue Darters opened their season on the road against the Ocoee Knights last Friday night and came away with a hard fought defensive statement of a game. Not only did the Blue Darter defense pitch a shutout (yes, a baseball reference!), but it also provided the only scoring play in a 2-0 victory.

For over 45 minutes, Apopka and Ocoee battled to a 0-0 tie, but then, with 2:30 left in the game, the Blue Darters blocked an Ocoee punt that rolled out of the end zone, giving Apopka a safety and a 2-0 lead. After the safety, the Blue Darters received the ball, and gained just four yards on three plays. Then, On 4th-and-6 from Ocoee’s 43-yard line, Apopka faked a punt with a direct snap to senior Antwone Robinson who ran for 15 yards for a first down to end Ocoee's hopes of a game-winning drive or last-minute field goal.

The history between Apopka and Ocoee, although one-sided with the Blue Darters winning 17 straight games, is starting to get epic. In 2022, Apopka erased a 12-0 deficit to defeat the Knights 13-12. Both teams also made it to the final four in the state playoffs, with Ocoee losing to Miami Columbus in the semifinals. Apopka made it to the finals, also losing to Columbus. Now, the two teams have played the last 12 quarters against each other with a combined score of 30-25.

The game was not without its exciting offensive moments though.

Early in the fourth quarter, Apopka's sophomore quarterback Tyson Davison hit wide receiver Malachi Davey on a 58-yard touchdown pass, however it was called back by an unsportsmanlike penalty because a player stepped out of bounds and came back into the field of play.

The Blue Darters (1-0) host West Orange next Friday in their home opener. Ocoee hosts the Wekiva Mustangs.

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