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Barrage 8 concert at Wekiva High School


Barrage 8 is a modern worldbeat ensemble based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The group employs a blend of orchestral music with high-energy physical choreography during their performances. They have released several albums, and their filmed concert specials have been featured on television networks around the world.

Barrage 8 plays a diverse mix of material from a wide variety of genres, including Celtic, Swing, Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock, Calypso, Pop, Canadian fiddle and Latin, as well as contemporary versions of traditional material from countries including China, Ukraine, and India.

Here is a sample:

The Wekiva High School Orchestra Program will be hosting Barrage 8 this Wednesday, February 8th, for a full day of workshops, demos, and sectionals.

The days’ work will culminate in a concert at 7PM where the visiting group will showcase their world renowned set. They will be joined on stage by the Wekiva High School Orchestra, Lockhart Middle School Orchestra, and Piedmont Lakes Middle School Orchestra for select numbers.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students. Use this link to purchase advance tickets.

fullscreen-capture-262017-33715-pm-bmpBarrage 8 is the latest project from John Crozman, Dean Marshall and Tony Moore, the original creators of the hit show Barrage. Utilizing the same energy, panache and innovative stage performance that Barrage was known for, Barrage 8 features all the instruments in the modern string family.

The "8" in the name represents a re-imagining of the string octet: 5 violins, viola, cello and double bass. This instrumentation drives a rich and powerful sonic palette that further explores the musical diversity in their compositions and arrangements. Barrage 8 presents what the Barrage name has come to represent worldwide:

"A memorable presentation of music, from many genres and cascading generations, delivered in a way not seen or heard before."

If you are interested in seeing what Barrage 8 is all about, visit their website at www.barrage8.com.


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