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Art and Foliage Bus Tours add even more context to Festival



Typically when you go to a festival, you stay there. But this year's Apopka Art and Foliage Festival will provide an alternative to staying on site - bus tours. The Apopka art and foliage community will open its doors to visitors from the festival on Saturday and Sunday. Worms, farms, plants, dogs, research, education and a greenhouse highlight the tours. The GFWC Apopka Woman’s Club, which organizes the annual Apopka Art and Foliage Festival, wishes to thank each organization for supporting the 55th Annual Art and Foliage Festival and to Florida Hospital for providing the bus and driver for both days of the festival.

The dates, times, and destinations for each tour are listed below. The tickets are $5 a person which includes a bottle of cold water. The Bus Tour Booth is located on the First Street side of Kit

Long & Scott Farms[/caption]

Land Nelson Park. Look for the colorful balloons.


Future Farmers of America sit up and take notice. The “Wonder Worm”, the Earth’s unsung hero, is in the area! Do you keep a compost pile in your backyard? Why not add your own worm farm?

With environmental concerns and the mounting cost of organic waste and landfills, worm farms can provide the solution. In fact, Australia has reduced their garbage and landfill problem by 65% with the use of worm farms. The worms eat the garbage and then recycle the waste into castings which can be used as plant and soil enhancements. The castings are 100% pure organic! The castings are richer in plant nutrients than the soil; have about three times more calcium and several times more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Ask “Bernie” about the Worm Café and the Worm Tea.


In 1963, Frank Scott, Jr. came to Florida from Virginia, rented 100 acres of land and started Long & Scott Farms. Currently, the farm is operated by the fourth generation Scott family. Come out and enjoy a hayride tour of the only farm left still growing the famous Zellwood Sweet Corn. You will be able to check out Scott’s Country Market and Scott’s Country Café. Hear about their annual fall corn maze and get the scoop on their Scott’s Zellwood Sweet Corn Jamboree coming this May. Bag lunches can be ordered when you sign up for the tour, to eat on your tour or in the café. If you are unable to visit the farm, Long & Scott has a Booth in the foliage area of the Art and Foliage Festival for you to purchase fresh picked corn, tomatoes, etc.


Since our humble beginnings in 1984, our family mission has been for AgriStarts to be the world’s leading and most reliable supplier of plant tissue culture starter plants and services. That is what we strive for every day. We are partners with the Orange County School System in their Transition Program. These are young individuals that have some mental and/or physical disabilities but have the potential to be integrated into some type of productive work situation.

AgriStarts, Inc. works with the Universities of Florida and Georgia on their hybrid blueberries for field production and to growers who grow them for retail. We work with the University of Maryland and North Carolina State with their patented raspberries. Possibly the most exciting thing is we produce thorn less blackberries which are new hybrids out of the University of Arkansas.

Another area that is growing in popularity is growing native plants. We work with a number of the most notable native plant experts in the state.

Check out our website www.agristarts.com.


Attention all dog lovers – Come visit the Leroy F. Gilliam Training Center and watch the Apopka K-9 unit go through their maneuvers. The dogs are German Malinois which are trained for patrol and narcotics. They receive 6 months of training by FDLE certified trainers and receive yearly evaluations to ensure they are at the top of their game. This is one of “Apopka’s Finest” units.

Apopka's K-9 Unit


Apopka is fortunate to have a valuable neighbor like the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center (MREC), which is part of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

MREC is home to the grapevine genetics and plant pathology research laboratories, and the site of an historic grape research program that began at the university in 1891. You will hear an update on current research activities in foliage plant production, cut foliage production, landscape ornamental production, entomology (insects) and integrated pest management. In addition, current projects include citrus nursery production and specialty crops (Hops and the microbrewery movement). You will also find out about educational opportunities for personal and professional development.




Apopka Art and Foliage Festival

Bus Tours:

Saturday, April 23rd

10:30 am Vital Earth

12:15 pm Long and Scott Farms

2:15 pm AgriStart

3:30 pm Apopka's K-9 Unit

Sunday, April 24th

1:00 pm University of Florida Research and Education Center

2:30 pm The Greenhouse

Do you enjoy seedless watermelons? If so, thank a UF research scientist. Do you appreciate new plant varieties to showcase in your landscape or home environment? If so, thank a UF research scientist. Do you value efforts to minimize chemical usage in controlling pests when it comes to agricultural practices? Then, thank a UF research scientist. Join us for a walking tour of the facility. Do not miss this rare opportunity to learn from the experts. Do you want to learn more about what UF is doing in your own backyard? Then join Dr. Joseph Albano, Center Director of MREC and Diane Mealo, MREC Academic Support Services Coordinator, for a tour of the 200 acre property.

For additional information about the MREC facility or the UF/IFAS, visit http://ifas.ufl.edu and http://mrec.ifas.ufl.edu


The GreenH2Ouse (greenhouse) is a 2200 square foot hydroponic farm located in Apopka, Florida. It is operated by Katherine Grandey who provides some of the finest lettuces, specialty leafy greens, and herbs. She caters largely to restaurants such as Emeril’s Orlando, Emeril’s Tchoup-Chop, Blue Zoo at the Dolphine Hotel, Norman’s at the Ritz Carlton, The Table Orlando, and Pharmacy. The hydroponic farm allows the plants to be grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Have you ever seen Bibb lettuce too pretty to eat? Come visit The GreenH2Ouse and marvel at the beautiful lettuces and herbs.

The Greenho2use

If you are unable to visit The GreenH2Ouse, stop by the Living Towers Booth in the Foliage Area.

Apopka Art and Foliage Festival, Bus Tours


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