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Are Your Kids Struggling In School? Try This


Being a parent of a child who is struggling in school can be challenging. It’s not always clear how you should help. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the courses of action you can take and the impact that they will have on your child. The goal is to give you the tools you need to improve their academic performance and help them fit into the system better.

Step in as soon as possible

If you notice your child struggling at school, intervene as early as possible. Talk to the teacher and other support staff about your child’s predicament and what can be done to help them. 

Most schools have systems in place to support struggling children. Programs help to accommodate their individual needs and make them feel like they are still progressing. For instance, if your child is falling behind academically, then teachers may provide the additional classes or special sessions for your child. 

Improve their home life

Children can sometimes struggle at school if there are problems at home. Arguments between parents, neglect, lack of exercise and poor nutrition will all hamper their ability to perform. 

Make sure that they are getting healthy meals in the evenings. Also, show them how proper sleep can help them function better while they are at school, reducing how tired they feel, and improving their concentration. 

Work on showing your child love and support. Be there for them and let them know that you will always fight in their corner, should they get into trouble. 

Download fun educational games

These days, there are plenty of fun educational games and free worksheets available online. These “gamify” the learning experience, helping kids to feel more engaged in the process. Homework stops feeling like a chore and is more like regular play. 

Test their health

In some cases, there might be an underlying reason why your child is struggling to fit in at school. For instance, they might have trouble with their eyesight, preventing them from seeing the chalkboard. They may also have issues with hearing that make it hard for them to listen to what the teacher is saying. In some cases, they may have ADHD which means that they struggle to concentrate for long periods. 

Take your child for a professional checkup to rule out any underlying issues, if they haven’t had one already. Audiologists, opticians and child psychologists should be able to get to the bottom of any problems they may have. 

Volunteer at your child’s school

If you want more direct oversight over your child’s schooling experience, you may want to volunteer. By being present in the school, you can see how your child gets on with other children and interacts with teachers. You can then identify potential problems and solve them. 

Form a friendship group

Lastly, you might want to invite children over to your home to form a “friendship group.” Do this if you notice that your child is struggling to fit in with their peers or they don’t feel comfortable socializing in the school environment.

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