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Are your graduates ready for college?


From BreakPoint

In a culture that lives for self-fulfillment, will your graduates know what God expects of them, and how to live out a Christian worldview? With graduation season upon us, parents are no doubt wondering how to prepare their students (and perhaps themselves) for this first step into the adult world—and all the challenges and spiritual pitfalls that come with it.

The hosts of the podcast BreakPoint This Week recently aired a program entitled; Helping Grads Find Their Purpose. The show is filled with great advice for parents and graduates and there are several recommended resources.

John Stonestreet, one of the BreakPoint Hosts recommends worldview training programs like Summit Ministries. His book recommendations include; “Welcome to College,” “Thriving at College,” “Knowing God,” and My Final Word,” a collection of previously unpublished memos from Chuck Colson.

The other BreakPoint host, Ed Stetzer recommends “Christian Mission and the Modern World,” “Congregations in America,” and C. S. Lewis’ collection of works.

The staff of BreakPoint has put together an extensive Summer Reading List, with recommendations.



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