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Are You Using Your Smart Tech to its Fullest?


There's much more to using your smart tech than dimming the lights. Smart hubs like Alexa and Siri can automate your home, entertain you and provide an extra layer of security.

Making your home more secure

One of the most valuable things about smart tech is the number of security features included. You can set up hubs to detect motion in your home. And hubs with cameras and displays (like Alexa Echo Show) can let you view the room or connect to video doorbell and CCTV systems. Features like this only add to the security in your home and strengthen an existing apartment security system using reliable intercoms and video systems. Security isn't a much-touted feature of smart hubs. But the power and ease of use means you shouldn't overlook it. 

Using your smart tech for lighting

Of course, there can't be a smart tech post without mentioning lighting. Lighting control was one of the earliest uses of smart technology. But even though it's relatively trivial, it's no less valuable than anything else. Additionally, LED bulbs require much less energy than standard bulbs, so there's an added bonus. Yet smart lighting is more useful than it once was. Sure, you can dim the lights with a tap or by asking. But you can also change the colors and set up profiles for activities like reading, putting the baby to bed, or even for your dark room.

Use virtual assistance

AI hubs like Alex, Siri, and Google are excellent at assisting you with various things. As was the intention all along. The assistance they provide can help you with your work and productivity. But they're also excellent for helping you with things around the home. For anyone, this is useful. But they can be of immense help to people with limited mobility or impaired senses. For example, you can connect Alexa to automated devices like Roomba and ask her to clean your home. Or you can set up a routine like brewing a coffee and starting the shower in the morning.

Fun things you can do with Alexa

These devices are also entertaining and fun for all the fantastic things AI hubs can do. As an example, ask Alexa what the meaning of life is. The answer is rather funny, which you will get if you are of a certain age. Here's a tiny sample of some of the fun things you can do with Alexa:

  • You can change your device's name from Alexa
  • Configure multi-room music with compatible speakers
  • View and speak to your pets
  • Ask Alexa for fashion ideas based on your wardrobe
  • Use your hub as a hands-free phone

Alexa can do much more than this. But you get the idea. The range of integrations that AI hubs can sync with is nothing short of amazing, and the list grows all the time. With the Internet of Things, pretty much everything will be able to connect to your AI hub within the next ten years.

Schedule automatic shopping

Some AI hubs, Alexa specifically, are excellent at setting up shopping because of their connection to Amazon. You can schedule automatic reordering of perishables and products that run out. For example, based on your order history, Alexa will calculate when you need to reorder your shampoo or razor blades. Of course, the system will always ask you before making a purchase and will add it to a shopping basket. You must manually confirm the purchase to avoid the system spending money without your permission, but there are controls for this too.

Save time usng your smart tech

Sometimes there are things you just don't have time for, no matter how quickly you can do it. Fortunately, your AI hub can save you tons of time. Need a good local restaurant while you're getting ready? Ask Alexa. Can't be bothered logging in to check your bank balance? Siri can help. Dialing 911 too difficult when you tripped over your Roomba? Google can do that for you. There are tons of things virtual assistants can do for you. Pretty much anything you can do yourself, they can help with. Just check the official sites for each for a complete list of features.

Keep informed with updates

Each manufacturer is constantly adding new features as their AI systems grow. Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft continuously improve their hubs based on requests and trends. Often, the new features are trivial. But every now and then, there are substantial updates. For example, a recent Alexa update lets you play games with Samuel L. Jackson. But a previous May release saw an update for real-time captioning in multiple languages for Alexa Show. Yet you don't really know about major updates unless you ask or sign up for official email newsletters.


Virtual hubs can be expensive, so use your smart tech to its fullest to get your money's worth. You can use AI to make your home more secure, try entertainment and use recent updates.

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