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Appeals Court Lifts Injunction on 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period


On June 10, 2015 Governor Scott signed into law House Bill 633 which established a 24-hour waiting period for most women seeking an abortion. On the same day the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida filed a lawsuit and on July 2, 2015, obtained an injunction preventing the bill from being enforced.

On Friday Florida's 1st District Court of Appeals lifted the injunction that blocked the implementation of waiting period from taking effect.

Representative Jennifer Sullivan sponsored the legislation and provided this statement to The Apopka Voice:

"I'm absolutely ecstatic that the injunction has been lifted. This is a huge win for women's health and the ability for women to have a face to face consultation with the Doctor before the procedure, a courtesy not offered most places currently. This law will then give them time to consider all the information they've received from that consultation thus empowering women to make an informed decision on this life altering procedure. The law was written in such a way that I'm confidant it will ultimately be found constitutional and today is one step closer toward that direction."

Representative Jennifer Sullivan, who represents District 31 which covers the northwest corner of Orange County and parts of Lake County. In Orange County District 31 is generally north of Highway 441.

Use this link to see a map of Florida House District 31.

Abortion supporters were not pleased with the court's decision.

"We are disappointed that the court reached this decision despite the unrebutted evidence that this law poses a real hardship to many Florida women, but will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that this demeaning and intrusive law is quickly stopped in its tracks," said Nancy Abudu, the ACLU of Florida's legal director.

At least 26 other states have a waiting period before an abortion can be performed.

The law has exceptions for victims of rape, incest, domestic abuse or human trafficking if women present their doctors with a police report, restraining order or similar documentation.

On Friday night the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida requested that the state Supreme Court take up their request to continue the injunction that stopped the waiting period from being implemented since last July.




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