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Apopkans: Use GasBuddy to help others find gas


GasBuddy has launched its own Gasoline Availability Tracker to help drivers fill up.

The Tracker can be accessed via web: http://tracker.GasBuddy.com/.

Motorists can also search and report fuel availability on the latest version of the re-designed app available on iOS and Android.

To show only stations that have gas, users can filter the amenity to "has fuel.

To report stations without fuel, users can edit the stations amenities to toggle off "has fuel".

GasBuddy's Gasoline Availability Tracker assists consumers and provides visibility to authorities, distributors and retailers with the most up-to-date, real-time information on fuel availability at specific retail locations. This tool was last used in 2012 to assist motorists in New York, NJ and CT in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.Spotters in the affected area are urged to update their local fuel availability information so that motorists looking for gasoline can find it.

GasBuddy is also requesting gas stations to also keep their status updated.



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