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Apopka teen sentenced in March shooting


An Apopka teenager charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing his 15-year-old girlfriend was sentenced to six years in prison by Circuit Court Judge Alan Apte in an Orange County courtroom yesterday.

Quashun Massey, 17, pleaded no contest to manslaughter in August. In the plea agreement, Massey was sentenced under juvenile guidelines, despite being charged as an adult.

On March 19th, Massey, then a 16-year-old, admitted to shooting his 15-year-old girlfriend at the house in the Sheeler Hills subdivision where she lived, according to reports from the Apopka Police Department, and the Joint Homicide Investigation Team (JHIT).img_59751-2

In an interview with JHIT, Massey stated he was at the residence on the previous day, and spent the night at the residence. He and other teenagers fired a revolver in the backyard earlier that day.

Massey told detectives he knew the gun was fully functional, and said he was lying next to the victim after retrieving the gun from another room, and while under the impression that the gun was unloaded, began pulling the trigger of the firearm while pointing it at her. According to the report, the victim told him to stop.

Massey told detectives he pulled the trigger five times before the gun discharged a bullet on the the sixth pull, hitting and killing the victim.

NOTE: It is The Apopka Voice’s policy not to name minors involved (neither the victims nor defendants) in violent crimes, however Massey was charged as an adult.

Apopka Police Department, Joint Homicide Investigation Team, Orange County Courtroom


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