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Apopka teacher arrested, charged with 22 counts


Bizarre case alleges teacher did not report student's "made up" stories

Apopka police arrested an Apopka teacher Friday in a complex case involving her relationship with a 14-year-old student.

According to the Apopka Police Department, their investigation of Alyson Nicole London began on September 27, 2016, after APD Detective Steven Landry was informed of an investigation being conducted by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

DCF was investigating an allegation that London was having an "inappropriate" relationship with a former student at Apopka Memorial Middle School, where London is a physical education teacher. The 14-year-old student is now attending Apopka High School.

Detective Landry interviewed London and the student separately. Both denied having a personal, private or sexual relationship during the interviews. Both also denied being in communication with each other.

The student later admitted that she was using Snapchat and Kik to communicate with London.

After being informed of the allegations being investigated by DCF (sexual abuse and molestation), London admitted that she had been in communication with the student.

The APD investigation ultimately found that London and the student exchanged hundreds of messages between June 1, 2016 and September 27, 2016. Some of the messages were regarding the student's alleged sexual activities.

According to the APD investigation report, because of the communications with the student, London was aware of the student's claim to have been abused at home and to be using drugs and alcohol. The student also claimed she was drugged and raped at Apopka High School.

After reading all of the messages, Detective Landry became concerned for the student's well being and followed up with her at AHS on October 13, 2016.

During that interview the student told Landry, "It's all fake," and that she had made up all of the incidents as well as the people she told London about.

Landry asked why she would do that and she stated "I don't know."

He asked her if she said the incidents occurred to gain London's attention. The student told Landry that she wanted someone to believe she lead an "interesting" life even though she did not.

Landry then explained that London's job was possibly in jeopardy. According to Landry the student did not seem remorseful.

London has been charged with the following 22 counts:

  • Solicitation to Commit Sexual Battery
  • Failing to Report Child Sexual Abuse as a Mandatory Reporter (6 counts)
  • Failing to Report Child Abuse as a Mandatory Reporter
  • Attempted Interference with Custody
  • Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communication Device (5 counts)
  • Transmission of Material Harmful to Minors (3 counts)
  • Contributing to the Delinquency or Dependency of a Minor (5 counts)



Apopka High School, Apopka Memorial Middle School


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