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Apopka Task Force on Violence Ready to Meet


An outbreak of violence earlier this year caused the Apopka community to come together last month and form the Apopka Community Task Force on Violence.

The Task Force Co-Chairs, Rod Love and Ken Wilson have formed their team and are now ready to start the hard work of establishing a path that will lead the Apopka community out of a cycle of violence. The Task Force Team includes five student representatives from the three high schools in Apopka.

According to Task Force Co-Chair Rod Love, "The task force welcomes support, input and assistance from local government, businesses and citizens to address the issues of violence. This will not be cookie cutting approach, it will require innovative approaches and realistic fixes such as job creation, development and placement."

In addition to Love and Wilson, the current members of the Task Force are:

  • Captain Jerome Miller - Apopka Police Department
  • Master Deputy Mary Norwood - Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pastor Richard King - Faith Community Leader
  • Alice Nolan - Apopka Citizen
  • Matida Manjang - Student - Apopka High School
  • Samuel Reddick - Student - Apopka High Student
  • Steve John - Wekiva High School Resource Officer
  • Lonnie James Jackson III - Student - Wekiva High School
  • Tyranny Flanders - Student - Sheeler High School
  • Derushiel “Rusha” Williams - Teacher - Apopka High School
  • David Cintron - Teacher - Apopka Hight School
  • John Hightower - Civic Leader
  • September Porras - Student - Apopka High School
  • Gregory Jackson, Task Force Legal Adviser - Civic Leader
  • Eric Jenkins - Administrative Dean - Apopka High School

The Apopka Community Task Force on Violence will hold its first meeting on Thursday, April 28.

The meeting will begin at 6 PM at the John H. Bridges Community Center, 445 W. 13th St., Apopka.

Use this email to ask questions of get more information about the Apopka Community Task Force on Violence.



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