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Apopka Pushing for New Railway

In 2021, there were an estimated 5.4 million new business applications in the US, with Florida credited as one of the country’s leading states in new business creation. However, Apopka officials have recently stated that this boom in the population and local economy has been bad for road usage and traffic. They further stated that one of the city’s most important objectives for the next decade should be to build a railway track to alleviate traffic and increase freighting opportunities.

Is a new SunRail station in the works?

The City of Apopka has been working by lobbying and pushing the state government to acquire a new SunRail station in the next 10 years. They believe that various factors, including the already built infrastructure of the city and the needs of residents and local businesses, could help bring this idea to fruition. Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson has been one of the officials trying to make the SunRail plan happen. Nelson has stated that the overload of traffic that currently occurs on the 441 from Plymouth to Orlando can be greatly alleviated by the introduction of railway transport in the area.
For commuters, a rail service would be a major bonus. Their only concern then would be leaving their cars standing for long periods of time if they swap driving for a rail commute. The quality of regular gas can degrade in a car if it sits for 3-6 months, while diesel can last as long as a year. It’s never a good idea to drive a car with gas that’s been sitting in it for too long as it can become contaminated, and it may not burn correctly in the engine. However, for Apopka commuters, this issue could easily be rectified by a regular weekend drive.

A small business owner has his say

Trodd Buggs, a Central Florida local, is one of the owners of Three Odd Guys Brewing Company, situated just behind the train stop in Apopka. The majority of his business comes from other locals in the area, but Buggs believes that a railway line would bring in more customers from Central Florida to enjoy his locally made tap beers.
But it’s not just his own business that would enjoy a boost. Buggs believes the railway could help many small businesses in Apopka grow by allowing them to ship their products out of the city with ease. Railway freight is often cheaper and more environmentally friendly, and a new SunRail station could bring Apopka businesses a welcome revenue boost.

A group effort needed

The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce President, Cate Manley, cited the growing population and rise of industry in the city as another reason that the railway must be built. Heavy industrial spaces including factories servicing Amazon and Goya have been built in the city, meaning that lots of people are coming from outside to work too.
To get the ball rolling on the SunRail plan in Apopka would mean that a major amendment would have to be considered and agreed to by the City of Orlando and Orange, Volusia, Seminole, and Osceola counties. 
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