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Apopka Police Department swears in a new officer

Having an appropriate number of sworn officers in a municipal police force is crucial for ensuring public safety and maintaining law and order in the community. The presence of an adequate number of officers enables the police department to effectively respond to emergencies, investigate crimes, and provide proactive patrols to deter criminal activity.
A well-staffed police force also fosters trust and confidence among the residents, ultimately contributing to a sense of security and well-being in the community.
Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley focuses on this issue when he presents the APD's budget each year. In the fiscal year, which began October 1, 2023, the APD was authorized 132 sworn law enforcement positions. 

Now, they are one closer to that figure.

The Apopka Police Department added a new officer to its force Thursday, swearing in Daniel Shipley, who is 22 years old, born in Orlando,  raised in Clermont, and graduated from Lake Minneola High School in 2020.
Shipley attended the police academy at Lake Tech Institute of Public Safety in 2021. He has two years of law enforcement experience from the Winter Garden Police Department.
Shipley's hobbies include going to church and spending time with friends.
"I wanted to help and serve in a local community," said Shipley when asked why he chose law enforcement as a career.

According to McKinley, the APD is currently at 116 sworn officers. This includes seven officers that the APD currently has sponsored in the law enforcement academy. Four of them graduate on May 30th  and begin their field training program upon graduation.

There are three additional recruits that will graduate approximately a month after the first group. It also has three additional recruits starting the academy next month, which if they successfully complete the academy will bring the numbers up to 119.

“We are excited to welcome Officer Shipley to the Apopka Police Department," McKinley said. "His prior law enforcement experience will undoubtedly assist him as he embarks on our field training program. With his prior experience we anticipate his successful completion of training and look forward to him serving our community.”

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