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Apopka police arrest six in prostitution sting


From the Apopka Police Department - APD News

Apopka detectives working a reverse sting on Friday, January 26th, made six arrests for prostitution. The department received a number of complaints regarding prostitution and other criminal activity along the 441-corridor in the downtown area. In an effort to curb such activity, members of the department’s detective unit have been conducting undercover activities related to the complaints in a covert capacity and members of patrol have been conducting increased street-level investigations.

“It is important that we work at ensuring our citizens feel comfortable visiting the downtown area and don’t have a fear of visiting our businesses,” Chief McKinley said of the detail. “We are working on all levels to improve the quality of life for our citizens and visitors.”

Over the last few weeks, department members have been conducting a number of different investigations utilizing covert techniques. Those include the purchase and sale of narcotics, reverse stings involving thefts and burglaries, and street-level prostitution. As part of the policing efforts, on Friday, January 26, Apopka Officers conducted an investigation of street-level prostitutes. Undercover female officers posed as prostitutes and were solicited for various sex acts for payment. The clients were arrested and charged. Undercover operations will continue as necessary and undercover officers will pose as buyers or sellers of various services.

The Apopka Police Department is a full-service, accredited police agency with more than 150 employees including 108 sworn officers and staff. The Apopka Police Department supports the Crimeline program to aid in investigations and to foster safe and anonymous tips that lead to criminal arrests. You can help with these local cases - if you have relevant information, please call (800) 423-TIPS, go to www.crimeline.org, or e-mail APDTIPS@Apopka.net. Apopka bulletins can be found at the APD website.

Apopka Police Department


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