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Apopka Barbecue

Apopka Fire vs. Apopka Police: Who is the king of barbecue?


The air was thick with the aroma of sizzling meat and smokiness that could only originate from one thing. The teams had gathered, each armed with secret recipes, well-worn grills, and a fierce determination to claim the title of barbecue champion.

But who are these mysterious weekend grill masters?

By trade, they are Apopka's first responders - the Apopka Fire and Police Departments.

Usually, they work together to keep the city safe. However,  when these two agencies compete, they are the gladiators of the grill, the soldiers of sizzle, the champions of charcoal...

Enough superlatives?

In moments of danger and desperation, police officers and firefighters are the first people we turn to. They are called first responders.

But sometimes, these brave police officers and firefighters want to cook barbecue and do it better than their counterparts.

Sonny’s BBQ in Apopka is hosting a  competition between the Apopka Police and Fire departments on Saturday, January 13th, from 9 am to 4 pm. Teams will take home a donation for a charitable initiative of their choice on behalf of Sonny’s BBQ.

Along with the competition, Sonny’s will have samples, prizes, and food and drink deals for the community all day.

The community is invited to the event to watch the teams compete. Sonny’s will be offering an $8.99 Pork Big Deal and Happy Hour deals all day, along with ongoing food sampling and a free prize wheel.

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