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Apopka Fire Department using state of the art reporting technology


From The City of Apopka

The Apopka Fire Department is training this week with an innovative new system that speeds up medical and emergency reporting, improving information accuracy and reducing large amounts of paperwork.

The reporting system from Texas-based ESO allows firefighters and paramedics to complete required reports out in the field using electronic tablets. That information is automatically available to be completed and approved on computers back at the fire stations. Hospitals and the city's insurance company also have instant access.

The software utilizes computer-aided dispatches to provide basic report information for medical and fire calls. It keeps track of home and business addresses to fill out future reports with simple button clicks. It utilizes Google Maps to identify locations and track mileage for emergency vehicle trips.

The system even takes patient medical information from the firefighter's and paramedic's mobile monitor/defibrillator equipment and automatically adds that information to medical reports that can be viewed almost instantly by a hospital.

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