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Apopka Election Day 2.0: Total voters nears 4,000


News From The VFW:

As of 3pm, voter turnout at the VFW site is 1,457, which puts the total voters in this election at 3,989. That includes an additional 100- plus mail-in ballots counted today at The Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office, which puts the total at 2,501, plus 31 early votes. That nearly matches the mail-in ballots for the March 15th elections (2,557 for Seat #3 and 2,578 for Seat #4). The projection for total voters in these two elections is 4,717.

Traffic and lines are still steady and manageable. No issues reported in regards to voting, ballots or registration. It's been smooth sailing all day. All four candidates and many of their supporters are still present at the VFW.

Apopka Election Day 2.0


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