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Apopka City Center

Apopka City Council passes ceremonial vote in favor of Miller's Ale House


A flagship restaurant under the Apopka City Center banner took another step toward completion - albeit ceremonial. At its May 3rd meeting, the Apopka City Council unanimously motioned its approval of the major development plan (MDP) for Miller's Ale House restaurant.

Jean Sanchez, the Community Development Planning Manager, said that the Miller's Ale House development plan was not subject to the City Council's approval due to the executed development agreement for the City Center, which the restaurant is a part of.

"The applicant has chosen to undergo the MDP public hearing process to introduce the intent of restaurant use and the subject properties base on public interest," she said.

Wisdom Development Group announced its intent to bring a Miller's Ale House location to Apopka in February.

Commissioner Kyle Becker explained that if developments within the City Center perimeters meet the code, there is a provision that does not require staff to seek approval from the City Council. However, he said that if it finds something controversial, they can bring it up to the City Council.

"Years ago, we had a commitment that if there were anything considered controversial, staff would feel more comfortable bringing it back to City Council for approval," said Becker. "But this is obviously not controversial."

Commissioner Nick Nesta said that with this development agreement, the City Council's approval for Miller's Ale House would be ceremonial.

"If we deny it, it can still move forwards, so this truly is ceremonial," said Nesta.

"Staff does like having the ability to bring it before Planning Commission and City Council for approvals, especially something of this nature," said Community Development Director Jim Hitt.

According to its website, Miller's Ale House is a sports theme casual dining restaurant and bar with a diverse menu based on its value-driven food and drinks.

Customers can find a menu ranging from steak to seafood dishes and over 35 beer selections. The restaurant is a family-friendly environment with various food options for children on its menu.

Sanchez said the Miller's Ale House in Apopka is set to be 7,202 square feet in size and located at 555 East Main Street.

"This project will have access via McGee Avenue and cross access with the previously approved Winn Dixie site to the east," said Sanchez.

The development of Miller's Ale House is part of many other new businesses set to be built by the Wisdom Development Group as part of the Apopka City Center. Alongside the new restaurant is a Winn-Dixie Grocery store with an integrated liquor store, a pediatric dentistry clinic, a Brew Theory Marketplace, and Starbucks.

Hitt said there is yet to be a specific date for construction to begin. Still, he said they hope to start by November at the latest.

"It will probably be at least a couple of months to get the construction site plan, but I know they want to pull permits before July 1," said Hitt.

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  • Richard

    Why is staff bringing this to the City Council if it truly has no say in this development ? Community Development Director Jim Hitt and his sidekick Jean Sanchez need to man up and do their jobs. Same deal with the balconies on the affordable housing complex in the fledgling downtown center. Why are those ridiculous subjects a part of City Council meetings. Your screw up Jim and Jean, now we have to live with your incompetence.

    Friday, May 5, 2023 Report this