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Apopka City Council Meeting Preview


The big item on tomorrow's City Council Meeting Agenda is the proposed City Center Development Agreement. But that item is nearly the last one on the agenda.

Wednesday's City Council Meeting will be the first since Resolution 2016-16 was adopted, which established a new Public Participation Policy and moved the Public Comment Period to the top of the agenda. But the rules are a bit complicated.

If you want to address a matter that requires a public hearing, you will be asked to complete a white-colored Intent to Speak form, give it to the City Clerk before the meeting starts, and then wait for that item to come up on the agenda. If you wish to speak during the Public Comment Period you will be asked to fill out a green-colored Intent-to-Speak form.

Each speaker will have four minutes to give remarks, regardless of the number of items addressed. More information, including a copy of the resolution, can be found here.

Once the Public Comment Period is complete the City Council will move on to the rest of the agenda:

June Disbursement Report

The first of ten items on the "Consent Agenda" is approval of the 20-page Disbursement Report that lists 251 checks that were issued by the City in June 2016. These payments total $1,221,495.

A few payments that caught our attention:

  • Page 16 - American Traffic Solutions - Traffic Safety Program Fee - $100,576
  • Page 17 - Creative Pyrotechnics - 4th of July Fireworks Show - $15,000
  • Page 20 - Cash - Startup Cash for Fourth of July Event - $5,000
  • Page 20 - Birchmore Group - Entertainment Package for July 4th Event - $20,000

The "Consent Agenda" is a meeting practice which packages routine and non-controversial items not requiring discussion and/or separate approval as one agenda item. However, any member of the Council can request that any item on the Consent Agenda be "pulled," and discussed separately.

Approve the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at the Fall Festival and the Apopka Fair

The next two Consent Agenda Items are there because Apopka Ordinance No. 2376 requires City Council approval for the sale, consumption and carrying of alcoholic beverages on City-owned property during events or programs.

Approval of a Facility Use Agreement with the AHA Players

Item #4 will authorize the City to enter into an agreement with the AHA Players. The term of the agreement is 12 months beginning on July 1, 2016. The proposed Agreement would allow the AHA Players to conduct theatrical performances and rehearsals in both the Community Center and Fran Carlton facilities and to use the Cobb Building as a storage facility for theatrical equipment. In return the AHA Players will pay the city 15% of all gross ticket sales collected.

Authorize the purchase of a service vehicle for the Fire Department - $33,253

Item #6 is the proposed purchase of a 2016 Ford Explorer to be assigned to the Fire Chief. The pricing comes from Duvall Ford using an existing contract with the Florida Sheriffs Association.

Award a contract for a security fence and gate - $56,274

Item #7: Seven sealed bids for the construction of a security fence and gate. The low bid was $56,274. $110,000 was budgeted.

Award a contract for Asphalt Street Resurfacing - $244,688

Item #8. Five sealed bids were received. The low bid was $244,688.

Award a contract for roadway improvements at Yothers Road - $99,298

Item #9. Three sealed bids were received. The low bid was 99,298.

Authorize a 4-month extension for the leasing of Lift Station Odor Control Systems - $29,808

This is the last Consent Agenda Item. The City staff is requesting approval of a 4-month extension to an existing contract. During the extension the staff plans to re-evaluate this service via a formal solicitation/competitive bidding process or other contractual piggybacking options.

There are several Land Use ordinances to be dealt with. Then comes the main event of the night:

The City Center Development Agreement

The Developer made their presentation last Wednesday at a Workshop where no public comment was allowed. At this meeting the public will be allowed to comment. The Developer is expected to attend and answer questions. The Council is expected to vote on the agreement at this meeting. Read more about the City Center Development Agreement here.

The City Council Meeting is at 7:00 PM in the Council Chamber at Apopka City Hall.

The complete 388-page meeting packet can be downloaded here.


Apopka City Council Meeting


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