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Anne Frank Remembered


In July 1942 Anne Frank's family left their Amsterdam apartment and moved into a small room in the building where her father worked. The entrance to the room was hidden by a bookcase. They hoped to avoid being sent to one of the Nazi concentration camps. Thirteen year old Anne started a diary less than a month before. She made entries until she and her family were found by the Nazi's two years later.

Anne Frank 2More than 30 Million copies of Frank's diary have been sold and it has been translated into 67 languages.

Anne Frank was Hitler's most famous victim.

There have been at least 22 movies based on Anne Frank's diary. One of the most moving is the 1995 Oscar-winning documentary, Anne Frank Remembered.

The film is narrated by Kenneth Branagh. Portions of Frank's diary are read by Glenn Close.

Miep Gies was the woman who had helped hide the family. She saved the diary after the family was betrayed. In the film she is interviewed about her memories of hiding the Frank family. The film also has interviews with two of Frank's friends and archive interviews of Anne's father, Otto Frank. Otto was the only member of the family to survive the Holocaust.

Anne Frank RememberedThe film includes the only known film footage taken of Anne Frank. A film of a wedding in 1941 shows Anne Frank for just seven seconds watching the bride and groom from a balcony.

The film won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1996. The award was jointly collected by Director Jon Blair and Miep Gies, who received a standing ovation.

Anne Frank Remembered is available on DVD and streaming on Amazon.


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