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All LYNX buses now have Wi-Fi


LYNX has now added Wi-Fi to all 300 buses. This customer amenity is the first technology tool planned to roll out in 2017.

When customers board buses they will need to make sure Wi-Fi has been turned on in their device’s settings, select “LYNX-Bus WIFI”, accept the terms and conditions, and then enjoy free Wi-Fi during the ride. A password is not required.

“Our board of directors envisions transforming LYNX into an agency that is attractive to all Central Floridians,” said Edward L. Johnson, chief executive officer. “As we continue to roll out new technologies which will allow passengers to read and send emails, communicate through social media, and read their favorite electronic publication or correspondence while our operators take them safely to their destination, this is the first step in meeting that expectation.”

The service will be provided by Verizon Wireless. The WIFI main page also will allow the agency to sell advertising.

LYNX spent $182,000 on the initial installation of the equipment, and will incur annual costs of just over $175,000 to provide the cellular Internet signal ($36 per bus per month), security software and device maintenance and support.

LYNX already offers customers free Wi-Fi at LYNX Central Station.

Other modern technology enhancements include a mobile fare payment system and applications for customers to plan their trip including finding the location of buses.




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