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Apopka City Council

After Becker's resignation, Velazquez becomes Apopka's Vice Mayor


The Apopka City Council continues to be fluid despite six straight incumbents getting re-elected or returning to office without opposition. Despite their recent success, 11 changes in seats on the Council and three vice mayors have occurred since 2014.

On April 30th, Nadia Anderson will become the 12th transition on Council when she takes the Oath of Office and succeeds Commissioner Kyle Becker in Seat #3. 

Becker, who decided not to run for office in 2024, resigned from Seat #3 on Friday. His resignation triggered another change in the Council, as Commissioner Diane Velazquez took over as Apopka's Vice Mayor.

"I accept with pride, honor, and a privilege the role as Vice Mayor," Velazquez told The Apopka Voice in a text. "I will continue to serve as I have been doing in my current role with integrity, professionalism, and transparency.  I offer my sincere gratitude to the Mayor, Commissioners Smith, Nesta, and incoming Commissioner Elect Anderson and, more importantly, the residents of our City of Apopka for trusting my ability to serve you in my senior capacity in the role of Vice Mayor. It’s been an enlightening journey I could not have imagined or written. But one I am grateful for is the support of my husband, Ed, and the community we call home. Apopka."

She also praised Becker's eight years of service to Apopka.

"The last two years working alongside Commissioner Kyle on the dais provided experiences dealing with sensitive and controversial issues and, sadly, the loss of life of one our own first responders in the performance of his duty.  His departure leaves important issues that have not yet been resolved.  Vice Mayor Becker’s integrity and determination to be transparent and accountable to the public have always been his priorities, as they are for me. Building upon my foundation with experience and knowledge will continue to guide me as I grow into the new role."  

In her 10 years in Apopka politics, Velazquez has amassed 24,552 votes, which came in three general elections, two runoffs, and one special election. She has appeared on six ballots in the last eight years in Apopka. Velazquez won the Seat #2 election in 2014, lost in a runoff in 2018, won it back in a special election and runoff in 2020, and defended it in 2022. She has received the most votes of any candidate in Apopka since 2014.

Velazquez will be the second female vice mayor in Apopka's history. Myrtle Womble was the first woman to serve on the Apopka City Council (1954-67) as vice mayor under John Land.

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