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A weekend fight and shooting in Apopka?


Over the weekend the popular Apopka Facebook Page “Apopka Rants, Raves, Reviews and News" had a conversation thread that started around 11PM and ended approximately 12 hours later with over 100 posts. There was speculation about a fight with multiple people involved, shots fired, a gunshot victim who later died at an Apopka hospital.

This was one of the final posts in the thread:

“Okay for all the misinformation out there yes there was a shooting and a killing at the Kangaroo on Rock Springs Road right across the street from Rock Springs Bar and Grill from what I just heard from the girl that was working a white pickup truck pulled up into the parking lot and a few minutes later black or maroon Impala pulled up several people got out they started fist fighting and shots rang out one person was hit in the chest he was then put in the car and driven to the hospital in Apopka where he died then shortly thereafter one of the same vehicles (now this part is hearsay) apparently went into the trailer park down the road and shot up a trailer there..”

According to the Apopka Police Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), there was no shooting, and no one died in the incident.

Here is the account from the OCSO incident report:

On Saturday, July 23 at around 11:00 PM Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to an aggravated battery call at the Kangaroo Express gas station at 4914 Rock Springs Road in Apopka. There were also reports of a possible shooting.

According to the report, Jamie Aguirre Sr., 44, of Apopka and his son Jamie Aguirre Jr., 22, of Sorrento pulled into the gas station around 10:45 PM and were confronted by three men in a white Ford Crown Victoria. Aguirre Sr. told deputies that one of the men gestured at him and yelled at him to fight. Aguirre Jr. then exited the vehicle to confront the person yelling.

Aguirre Sr. told deputies he saw two more men exit the vehicle, and he exited his vehicle to keep the three men from beating up his son. Aguirre Sr. approached the fight and punched one of the men, but another went back to the passenger side of the vehicle. Aguirre said he chased that man away from the vehicle, believing he was going to get a firearm. He said he then went back to where his son was fighting and found that his son had knocked one of the men out.

Aguirre Sr. told deputies that the man not fighting yelled at them. Aguirre Sr. noticed the man had a gun in his hand, and he pointed it at him and his son twice before lowering it. Aguirre Sr. told the man they were leaving, and Aguirre and his son got back into their car and drove away. In his haste to leave the property, Aguirre Jr. backed their car into a pole.

Another witness, who was not involved in the incident, told deputies he saw two men pick up and put a man into the trunk of their vehicle and drive away. The witness said he heard a pop, but didn’t know if it was gunfire.

The Orange County Sheriffs' Office Helicopter responded to the scene to search for the white Crown Victoria, but were unable to find it.

Aguirre Sr. told deputies he did not know the three men, and neither he nor his son wanted to press charges.


Apopka Police Department, Orange County Sheriff's Office


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