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A Spring Break visit to the dentist?


Spring has officially sprung in central Florida, and it’s a great time to go to the dentist.

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s right. Time to go to the dentist. Let’s talk about it. We all will go to the dentist eventually, one way or another. Some of us will go voluntarily for simple cleanings and free toothbrushes, while others will go when they can no longer tolerate the pain. If you’re the latter, then we need to talk. 

I recently created a social media page on Instagram called “the Orlando orthodontist,” where I answer all kinds of dental questions for free. I always knew there was a significant percentage of adults that are too scared to go to the dentist or feel it’s not necessary. The problem with being scared of the dentist is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you only go when you have problems, every appointment will be unpleasant. I go to the dentist every six months, and I haven’t had a shot in my mouth in 30 years.

Trust me, the prevention side of dentistry is way better than the treatment side. 

Now I know many people have had traumatic experiences in their childhoods that ruined dental care for them going forward. But you have to remember dentistry has evolved in the last 20 years. Or better yet, the internet has evolved. Gone are the days when it was difficult to find the next dentist or get a second opinion. We can also now leave reviews. You’d be amazed how much these two factors alone have reshaped dental culture. Gone are the days of rough, mean, and insensitive dental treatment.

A dentist that doesn’t treat their patients well is no longer going to be tolerated. A negative dental encounter can not only ruin your dental health today, but it can ruin it for a lifetime. 

One of the things I’m always conscious of is the experience I give young kids because that experience could snowball into a lifetime of negative experiences. So my point is you need to go back to the dentist, and you can be selective. Central Florida is chuck full of them. When looking for that dentist, I recommend three things. First, find a dentist you like. I mean, like, personally, like you’d hang out with me if you could. Second, find a dentist that will listen to you. And third, find a dentist you trust. If this helps even one person improve their smile, their health, or their happiness, then I’ll be happy.

Thanks for reading. Good luck.

Dr. Andre Baptiste DDS, PA


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