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A legend is leaving Baptiste Orthodontics

Dr. Winston Morris is retiring, and Dr. Baptiste is stepping in at the Apopka office


Hey guys, it’s your friendly neighborhood orthodontists here, and I have some good news and great news for you.   

The good news is my mentor, and long-time friend Dr. Winston Morris is going to retire and party full-time. No, just kidding. There will probably be lots of family time with the grandkids, which is way better, in my opinion.

The great news is mostly great for me because, for the first time in about five years, I’m going to have the privilege of working in Apopka. I will be trying to fill Dr. Morris's shoes and become the full-time orthodontist at the Apopka location.

If you can’t tell, I’m super excited.  

When I first opened the Apopka location in 2018, I had no idea how diverse and welcoming this community was going to be, but it didn’t take long for me to feel the warmth. I spent many days in Apopka High School and Wekiva High School (home of Baptiste Stadium and the Wekiva Mustangs) and many of the middle and elementary schools in the community and was always welcomed with open arms. 

When I discovered that we were so close to the center of everything in Apopka, I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.  I've had the opportunity to fill in occasionally, but being there full-time will open up many great opportunities to explore the town

 The Apopka office is right across from Kit Land Nelson Park, so I’ll be able to check out the events there (looking forward to the Farmers Market events on Thursdays and all the cool weekend festivals). 

The office is the newest and coolest of the three locations, and we have gators! Real gators.   Not kidding. We have a gator tank with real live baby gators in it. 

 Also, if you follow me on social media @andrethefarmer, you know I love to grow fruit trees, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing a few more trees in the landscape at the office.

But best of all, I get to meet a ton of new people and make a lot of new friends. I will be starting there full-time in February, and I can’t wait.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there soon.

Check out my newest TikTok: The_Orlando_Orthodontist.

To learn more about Baptiste Orthodontics & Baptiste Dentistry for Kids, visit our two websites: baptisteorthodontics.com and baptistedentistryforkids.com.

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