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7 Clever Ideas to Revamp Your Living Room


By Allen Brown

Your home is your comfort zone; it is where you feel at ease and in control. Even though you may be used to how your furniture, décor, and other design pieces look in your house, a little rearrangement here and there will not hurt. Redecorating your home may feel like a hectic process at first, but the results are certainly worth it. Your living room is like the centerpiece of your house as most of the time spent with family, friends, or guests, is in the living room. It is a prominent space for interior design. Here are some tips to help you fall in love with your living room again by giving it a nice makeover.

1. Let There Be Light

When you add suitable lighting to your living room, it will help bring the place to life. You should readjust your furniture in a way that lets more natural light into the room. You can also invest in new light fixtures, like LED or fairy lights, to brighten up the space; this adds color, variation, and texture to your living room. You could also get a new reading lamp, or maybe a classic mercury glass lamp for a vintage touch. The key is to re-evaluate the lighting in the room and work from there on what suits you best.

2. Use Quality Fabrics

You’ll be astonished by what a single addition of a statement fabric can do to the room. The sofa and armchairs in the living room may stand the test of time. But while you aim for a simple redesign for space, you may throw in floral, striped, geometrical, dotted, or animal-printed fabric and cushions on your couch. According to the outstanding team of designers at simplycushions.com.au, including at least one type of print can refresh the atmosphere, lift the mood, and give life to the room. This simple step can really make a difference.

3. Let Nature In

Not only will adding greenery to your living room look great, but it will breathe life into your interior space. You can get tall indoor plants or small potted plants to enhance the room’s vibe. As you already know, plants purify the air you breathe, and that's definitely a beneficial bonus. You can get low-maintenance plants, such as cacti, ferns, succulents, and monstera, amongst others. Layering natural plants with faux ones, like a statement foliage plant, can give your living room an extra edge. You can also add a touch of wood to the place with a small mahogany table in front of the sofa.

4. Display More Art

Take advantage of your walls to showcase art and photos. Whenever you have guests, the first thing that they’ll notice is a good old family photo. That’s why including artistic elements is vital to the overall décor of the room. You can display your valuable collectibles on stands and side tables around the corner of the living room. You can also opt for simple wall art designs that add a sophisticated touch to the place.

5. Change the Rugs

A suitable rug can radically change the room’s look. When you get bigger rugs, they give the illusion of a wider space. Additionally, big rugs are highly functional, as they accommodate many furniture items and provide comfort. Of course, selecting the right rug depends on the color scheme of your living room. For instance, to add a contemporary touch, go for a patterned design.

6. Rearrange the Layout

Rearranging the living room’s layout is an obvious step, but the results can be immediate. You get to redecorate the room as if it’s like the first time. Making a plan before execution will help guarantee the best result, and save some time. You should start by making your measurements, deciding what goes where, and then - start moving stuff! Look at the final layout of the space and take a photo of it. If you find an odd-fitting piece, just rearrange it until it is to your liking. In a nutshell, you can play with the layout however you want and each time, you will get new interior design ideas.

7. Paint and Wallpapers

Changing the color of the living room is perhaps one of the most practical ideas that make significant changes. There are many budget-friendly paints with good quality to do your DIY projects. If you like to change the scenery a lot, or if you're afraid of making permanent changes, you can put up removable wallpapers. You get to mix and match between a selection of prints, colors, textures, and designs. This will make the room more lively without the hassle of painting walls by yourself.

The living room is an integral part of any house. It’s where we watch TV, have family game nights, invite guests, and even relax while reading a good book. Sometimes people may consider it a home office or a playroom for children. Naturally, the decoration in that room is vital to create a suitable ambiance for everyone. By applying our simple tricks, you can easily redecorate your living room any time you want and be inspired by your new arrangements.

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