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6 Ways To Restore Your Hair's Thickness And Volume


By Allen Brown

Hair loss is a common issue for both men and women. However, finding effective ways to deal with it can be a challenge. What seems like a viable solution may be counterproductive and actually make things worse. There are a lot of potential remedies, though some are more effective than others. Here are a few ways to restore the volume and thickness of your hair without spending too much money.

1. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are common in Australia. In Melbourne, hair transplant is mostly common among men treating baldness patterns so, if you’re in Melbourne, you can benefit from the services of many qualified doctors. The best thing about hair transplants is that their results are holistic and permanent. It can resolve even the most severe thinning issues.

Even though the initial cost of a hair transplant is high, it can be more affordable than other restoration procedures. Unlike other solutions, it is a one-time thing. You don’t need to keep making trips to your doctor or spending money on products. The results are natural-looking and don’t require much effort in maintenance. [Hair plugs (hair Implants) are also an alternative; hair plugs refer to the patches of tissues containing dozens of hairs.]

2. Diet Changes

Eating smart is great for your hair health. It may promote thickness, volume, and general health. Some of the best foods for your hair include avocado, eggs, coconuts, and spinach. Eggs are rich in biotin and protein which support hair growth. Insufficient protein in your diet could trigger hair loss. Biotin promotes the production of keratin, a protein that promotes hair growth.

Spinach is packed with iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and folate, all of which are essential for hair growth. Vitamin A also promotes the production of sebum. It moisturizes your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth as well. Avocado is another great source of vitamin E which facilitates hair growth, and it helps combats oxidative stress and protects your scalp, which can also promote the growth of your hair.

3. Protect Your Scalp

When trying to promote hair growth and volume, the first point of focus should be your scalp. An unhealthy scalp translates to unhealthy hair. The scalp has natural fungus and bacteria that are important for hair growth. If you don’t take care for your scalp, it may lose the immunity to fight off aggressors and toxins, and may be unable to protect itself. It is important to retain the natural oils on your scalp, so avoid using products that may strip off your natural oils or throw off your PH balance.

While you need to keep your scalp clean, it is unwise to wash your hair more than three times a week. Massage it regularly to promote the flow of blood and minimize shampoo use.

4. Brushing

Even though over-brushing your hair could cause breakage, it is important. Regular and deliberate brushing helps spread natural oils through your hair. It may give you more shine and minimize damage to your hair. Brushing regularly will remove dead hair and exfoliate your scalp. Using the right brush will make things even better. When trying to get a shine, a round ceramic brush is your best option. Avoid plastic brushes as they could damage your hair.

5. Green Tea

Give green tea a chance when you are trying to grow your hair and restore its volume. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health suggests that green tea may be appropriate for reducing the risk of baldness. It improves mental alertness and fights antioxidants. Green tea is rich in catechins. They fight off DHT which may trigger hair loss.

Green tea ointments, oils, and shampoos are great for your hair. They fight off dandruff and unwanted bacteria. Consider creating your green tea home remedy for your hair care routine.

6. The Inversion Method

The inversion method may be great for your hair. While it may sound strange, it has been touted as a workable solution to help your hair grow. On average, hair grows about half an inch every month, and this method is supposed to help it grow even faster. With the inversion method, your head is placed upside down maintaining a comfortable angle. The scalp is then massaged with warm oil.

The inversion method is appropriate for both men and women. It works by promoting the flow of blood to your scalp. However, it may be ineffective if you have a health condition that is causing hair loss.

In conclusion, the problem of hair loss and thinning may be more common than you imagine. Whether it is caused by genetic issues, nutritional deficiencies, or hormonal changes, there are ways to deal with it. The basic trick is stimulating the natural process that promotes hair growth. Basic tips include protecting your scalp, hair transplant surgery, and diet changes.


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