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6 of Florida’s best study destinations


Florida is world-known for sunny weather, sandy beaches, and amazing nightlife. For many, it is a perfect place to go on vacation. But what some might not consider is that it is also a great state to study in. 

Florida has a great range of colleges and universities offering almost any degree one might be willing to pursue. The choice depends on your academic aspirations, achievements, and, probably, on the location where you want to live within the state. But overall, Florida is an outstanding choice for both US and international students. 

Some of the applicants might be worried about the college curriculum and whether they can keep up with it. Although colleges are known for giving students an enormous amount of stress, it should not discourage you. Sure, there will be a lot of written assignments. And there might be some sleepless nights along the way, but in the end, it will be worth it when you have that degree in hand. 

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So there is no need to worry about that – you can choose the best college in Florida for your liking. 

University of Florida

This institution is located in the city of Gainesville. It is on the list of the best colleges in the US and the world as well. It is pretty big and has about 35,000 graduate students. There are also amazing postgraduate programs available here.

It is known for high-quality programs and a huge selection of study abroad programs (about 1100). So if you are interested in such opportunities, it can be a perfect place to study. Some of the destinations you can go to for such a program are: 

  • Italy; 
  • Spain; 
  • New Zealand; 
  • Australia; 
  • Germany.

The university was founded in 1853. It has a huge campus with everything a person might need. The acceptance rate here is about 31%, which is decent. 

Florida State University

This public institution was founded in 1851. It currently hosts about 32,000 undergraduate students, so the campus is quite large. It is recognized among the best schools in the US. The campus is located in the state capital, Tallahassee. 

FSU offers a great variety of different courses and programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university also has an amazing sports team and about 600 different organizations. The acceptance rate here is around 32%. 

Another major advantage of this school is that it has a wonderful selection of study abroad programs for its students as well. A student can go to one of 16 countries available for a semester. Some of these destinations are: 

  • China; 
  • Australia; 
  • England; 
  • Indonesia; 
  • Germany; 
  • France; 
  • Italy;
  • Switzerland. 

It is also a good place to pursue a tech major. It has well-designed programs in Computer Science, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Criminology. 

University of Miami 

This is not only an excellent educational institution, but it is also located in proximity to famous Miami beaches. It is a private university that has a smaller student body. There are about 11,000 students in total that attend UM.

It was founded in 1925. The campus is perfect for students who enjoy outdoor activities in their spare time. The freshmen are required to live on campus, and there are almost 300 different student clubs and organizations here. [To free up time, consider this online tutoring service website.]

The acceptance rate for the University of Miami is about 33%. It has a wide variety of majors and academic programs of different levels. The most popular majors are Finance, Nursing, Psychology, Biology, and Economics. But one can also enroll to study Marine Geology or International Law here. 

University of South Florida

This is another public educational institution welcoming international students. It was established in 1956 about 260 miles away from Tallahassee in the city of Tampa. It is an alma mater for about 38,000 students living on an urban campus. 

It has an acceptance rate of 49%, so the chances of enrolling here are higher than in the colleges mentioned above. There are more than 230 various programs here, so almost anyone can find one for their interests and career aspirations. It is also praised for its sustainability in higher education. 

Also, one can enroll in distance learning here as the university offers online Bachelor’s programs as well. Among the popular majors here are: 

  • Business and Management; 
  • Healthcare; 
  • Social Sciences; 
  • Computer and Informational Sciences; 
  • Liberal Arts. 

The Engineering programs here are also extremely well-designed. 

University of Central Florida

This is the biggest institution on this list when it comes to the number of students. Currently, about 61,000 students are enrolled here. 

The school was established in 1963, and the main campus is located in Orlando, which is a beautiful city. But there are also 10 regional campuses in other cities. There are 13 colleges and more than 200 different degree programs within the university. It has a significant ratio of international students as well. 

There are about 300 organizations and clubs one can join, so there is always something to do besides the classes. The acceptance rate is about 45%, which is pretty good. One can follow an online Bachelor’s program as well. 

The popular majors are Healthcare, Psychology, Engineering, Business, Biomedical Sciences, Communication, and Visual and Performing Arts. 

Florida International University

This public institution is relatively young – it was founded in 1972. But it has already attracted a lot of students from all over the world. As of today, there are about 48,000 students enrolled in programs of different academic levels here. 

It has two campuses located in West and North Miami respectively. The acceptance rate here is 58%, which gives applicants good chances to be enrolled. 

There are undergraduate, postgraduate, and online Bachelor’s programs offered here. As for the subject of studies, there is a good number of combined degrees (about 34 to be specific) on top of traditional ones. Popular majors are Journalism, Computer Science, Education, Psychology, Business, Marketing, and Humanities. 

As the title suggests, this institution is open to international students. It has a welcoming community, and it is located not so far from the famous Miami coastline. 

In Summary

Florida is a wonderful place to live and study. It offers sunny weather, beautiful nature, and amazing colleges. They follow all the international academic standards and offer great prospects for alumni. There is a decent number of students all over the world, so campuses are quite versatile as well. 

Another benefit is the number of majors, minors, and combined degrees one can pursue here. There are excellent programs for almost any field of knowledge. 

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