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6 Important Safety Tips To Remember Whenever You Use A Rideshare Service


By Allen Brown

Currently, rideshare services are increasingly gaining popularity and slowly replacing taxi services which required a client to physically request a ride vs. online. Rideshare services are more convenient as you can easily request and book them online from wherever you are, provided the area is covered by the rideshare companies. These services provide clients with an easier and efficient way to tour the world using whichever rideshare service you prefer. There are Lyfts, Grab, and Ubers which offer the same services, although with slight cost variations. With the convenience that comes with rideshare both for newbies and regulars, the following six safety tips are a must to remember:

Inform Somebody of Your Ride

When in a new place or traveling alone, particularly during the night, it is wise to let somebody know you’re traveling. If possible, send them the details of the trip including the vehicle’s details and your target destination. This will ensure you can easily and quickly be tracked in case anything happens like a road accident or you’re abducted. According to attorneys from https://www.brookslawgroup.com/ these details can be used by your personal injury lawyer to help you file personal injury lawsuits in case an accident occurs. The person you will share your trip with using the sharing option on your particular rideshare app will be notified through their mobile phone and he/she can conveniently track you through GPS. Remember the sharing tips vary. For instance, with Lyft, you should use the share ride details while for Uber you should use the option of share trip status.

Carefully Board and Exit a Car

Considering where you are, in an isolated area or a busy street, ensure it is safe for you to open the car doors and go in or come out. It will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents, like hitting someone with a car door, or even yourself being hit by passing cars or bicycles.

Confirm Your Car and Driver

You need to confirm whether the car you have booked together with the driver is the exact one. Confirm these details before boarding the vehicle to avoid being scammed by people who pose as rideshare service providers but have ill intentions. Be careful to jot down the vehicle’s license plate. It will also help to compare the vehicle’s color and driver’s details as well as the license plate against those found on the app where you made the request. Be sure the driver and car are both licensed and in good condition before getting in to avoid preventable accidents and inconveniences. Confirming these details will also prevent you from taking another person’s ride. As a more wise passenger, ask your driver for the passenger’s name before entering the car. This will give you 100% surety that you’re using the ride you requested.

Always Buckle Up

It's not enough for you to sit on a back seat and get busy on your phone. Riding in another person’s car does not reduce your chances of having an accident. It is therefore safer to buckle up your seatbelt. There is a reason they exist. Remember, wearing a seatbelt can reduce your chances of dying in a road crash by 50 percent.

Does Your Driver have a Good Rating?

As is common with rideshare services, upon your request for a ride, the GPS locates your present location and traces the nearest driver to you, and shortly, you are assigned that nearest driver. Luckily you are immediately sent the car details and the driver’s details too. Among the driver’s details is the driver’s rating which is important for you to consider. Choose the driver with high ratings to increase your chances of having a safe trip. In case your assigned driver has low ratings, you can instantly cancel the ride and request another. However, beware that the cancellation should be very prompt lest you cancel the ride while half-way through your journey and be charged an extra cancellation fee.

Offer Feedback

Once you have landed safely at your destination, it would be kind of you to give feedback to your rideshare service provider. Be sincere with your feedback as it will help guarantee not only your safety, but also the safety of many others who use the service. If the driver is good, recommend them. If he is not, let the company know so that unwanted and careless drivers are kept off the road for the safety of all clients.

Your safety should always come first. Anytime you think about using rideshare, take note of the above simple but very important safety tips. They’ll guarantee you a successful trip.

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