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6 Healthy Habits Can Help You On Your Journey Of Addiction Recovery


By Kathleen Yates

Mankind is bound to make mistakes but the reason that they’re superior among all species is that they have the power to rectify and learn from their mistakes. Addiction is that one mistake that more than a million people make but fortunately most of them embark on the journey of recovery too.

The journey of addiction recovery is extensive but there are many tools to aid this journey, specialised care facilities like Charleston Rehab are providing exceptional services to drug addicts and their families in this hardship. Furthermore, the support of your family, your will power and determination and most importantly creating healthy and positive habits that keep you motivated are certain things that make the journey easier as you go on.

Developing healthy habits during your addiction is essential to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle post addiction. This is the time when we are most flexible to make reforms in ourselves.

Here are top 5 healthy habits that you must establish during addiction recovery and how they benefit you in recovery!

1. Healthy Diet

Taking a healthy and balanced diet is always the best gift to yourself. Not only does it maintain your figure physically but mentally it keeps you active and positive too. During addiction a huge amount of nutrients is lost from your body, to overcome this shortcoming you need the best diet! This loss of nutrients has to be replaced with a healthy diet which won’t only make your addiction recovery quick but if you stick to a healthy diet it’ll be extremely beneficial in the future.

2. Exercise

People suffering from addiction are known to be lazy since addiction is a chronic brain disease. However, when the process of recovery has started exercise is the ideal manner to keep yourself on the track. According to expert research, exercise is associated with successful recovery and doing it daily will establish a habit that you will benefit from all your life. Even a brisk walk with a loved one is helpful!

3. Meditation

Meditation is like giving yourself a break from the world. During that time of self-reflection, introspection and observation you rest your mind and learn to live in the moment. This will help you stay calm, reduce stress and anxiety and even depression which all greatly contribute to addiction. Not only will it prevent a relapse, but your body will start healing spiritually.

4. Sleep Cycle

Many addicts have unruly sleeping schedules either due to their off time drinking habits or constant fear of getting caught. A 8 hour sleep cycle is often not a part of their lifestyle. Sleeping for 8 hours during the night is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your brain. It needs the rest to heal in the morning. If you have a hard time sticking to a routine try to have your partner keep a check on you, avoid using any screens before bedtime and make a bedtime ritual.

5. Social Interactions

Many addicts are known to socially isolate themselves but once you have started recovery there is no reason for you to hide. Meeting people will make you realize what you had been missing out on and what its like to live a life free from the encumbrances of substance. Your family members and friends can also make sure that you are motivated!

6. Therapy Sessions

Despite your addiction recovery program it is essential that you consult with a therapist out of the recovery center. This will help you open up about your journey to other people and embrace the change positively. The chances of relapse outside a sober house are still present so consulting a therapist will minimize the chances of this happening. Therapy will ensure your continuous well-being long after the conclusion of a formal recovery program.

Addiction is often one of the hardest phases in someone’s life, even gathering the courage to face it and fight it is proof of extreme determination but there’s more than just determination that you need to overcome a chronic brain disease. These healthy habits can provide you support in this critical journey and ensure your success.

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