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5 Tips to Stay Active During the Holidays


We are all busy during the holiday season, so it is common for people to fall out of their regular exercise and fitness routine. However, the stress that the holidays brings to most of us makes it a crucial time to stick with it. Here are 5 tips that can help you stay healthy and active during the holiday season:

1. Get a Workout Buddy

It seems very simple and obvious, but having a steady workout partner is a very effective way to ensure that you are sticking to your fitness routine. A workout buddy will hold you accountable, so you may be more likely to keep it up. It is also a lot more fun to work out with someone else, so it may make exercising something you actually look forward to during the busy holiday season.

Tip #1 - Get a workout buddy. Tip #1 - Get a workout buddy.

2. Morning or Evening Workouts

You may already feel like you do not have enough time during the holidays to get everything done, but scheduling time either in the morning or evening to work out is a great way to make sure that you get your workouts in. Working out in the morning will give you an extra boost of energy so you can get through the rest of your day. If you work out in the evening, you can shake off all of the stress from the day and even sleep better. Waking up a little earlier or staying up a little later can be key to staying active during the holidays.

3. Exercise with Family

Since holidays are a time to be around family, it can be the perfect time to get in some physical activities with your loved ones. Taking a nice long walk or going to the park are a couple of great ways to bond with your family while also getting in some light exercise. If it snows, get outside with your kids and relatives for a snowball fight or sledding. You’ll be surprised how many regular holiday activities can actually count as your workouts.

Tip #3 - Exercise with family. Tip #3 - Exercise with family.

4. Clean/Decorate Your Home

The holidays are a great time to get in some deep cleaning in your home, and you can actually use it to your advantage. Decorating your home can also help you burn some extra calories because it causes you to walk up and down stairs, squat, and stand for longer periods of time than you normally would. You can kill two birds with one stone while you get your home ready for the holidays.

5. Sign up for a Holiday Race

There are dozens of holiday-themed marathons and fun runs during the holiday months, and signing up for one can help you get into a training mindset that will help you stay motivated during the holidays. Marathons are also a good way to bond with friends and family because you can train and run together. Also, the marathon itself will be a blast and leave you feeling healthy and energetic.

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