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5 Tech-Driven Professions to Begin or Broaden Your Career


A passion for technology and innovation — and the capacity to adapt to an ever-changing digital environment — may open up an array of career opportunities for those interested in entering the world of tech, or those interested in a lateral move.

Whether you're starting your own tech firm or working your way up the corporate ladder at an existing technology company, expanding your horizons through further education and real-world experience is essential if you want to learn about the various aspects of the industry.

The following are five tech-driven career paths that are brimming with possibilities:

1. Artificial intelligence

Today, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are fundamentally altering organizations, supporting them in reimagining and simplifying their day-to-day operations. From streaming services to the financial industry, it seems everyone is looking at ways to put machine learning to use.

AI is a burgeoning industry that offers a plethora of options for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and job-seekers. Soon, every mainstream organization will be outfitted with advanced AI applications, opening up new and limitless opportunities for IT specialists and service providers, as well as project management professionals who oversee their work. 

Looking to develop soft skills in leadership, delegation, persuasion, and more? To further your education in tech, you can also look into pursuing a master's degree in project management, giving you the ability to help lead diverse teams in the workforce.

2. Telemedicine and virtual health care

Over the last year, the one constant in the healthcare sector has been technology's unprecedented participation in medical services. As a result, numerous IT companies are revamping their healthcare solutions. COVID considerations saw an entirely new interest in telehealth develop across pretty much the entire population.

With virtual doctor appointments showing no signs of slowing down, this market is ripe for engineers and developers in which to thrive. A successful telehealth service requires the highest level of cybersecurity, an intuitive platform, and communication tools that facilitate engagement between healthcare professionals and patients.

3. Cryptocurrency

Establishing a career in cryptocurrency may be ideal for those who value cutting-edge technology and are willing to take on a high level of risk. If you possess programming skills, working knowledge of blockchain technology, and a forward-thinking attitude, you may be able to launch or join a lucrative decentralized finance (DeFi) firm.

Considering a career in cryptocurrency? Then now is the time to invest in your education and real-world training, as this sector has significant room for growth and development.

4. Advanced robotics

Individuals with a solid foundation in electrical engineering, physics, or product development may be well-positioned to prosper in the robotics industry. Company owners and personnel have the opportunity to expand their operations to any size they like, as consumer demand appears to be robust for the foreseeable future.

Promising robotics start-ups are staffed with highly educated, mechanically competent individuals who have a passion for innovation in robotics. While the initial expenses of an education in advanced robotics might be considerable, there is essentially no ceiling on the amount of income you could eventually earn.

5. Cloud-based consulting

Cloud computing is exploding in popularity, as more people work remotely. Innovative thinkers who are technologically adept and enthusiastic about cloud-based solutions can thrive in the cloud consulting market.

Business owners and operators must understand how various cloud platforms operate, know the related security threats, and possess the capacity to communicate that information to their clients.

Consultants should have solid IT experience and an in-depth understanding of at least one cloud platform provider. There’s considerable room for growth and expansion in this consulting field, with a whole bevy of different clouds companies from which to choose.

Is tech the right industry for you?

The outlook has never been brighter for a career in tech. Looking to join an ever-changing field full of discovery and potential and where you can make an immediate impact? Entering this profession will put you in the driver's seat in key decision-making and allow you to choose from a host of careers to pursue. Like anything in life, it will take dedication and time, but you'll no doubt thrive if you're willing to adapt and learn.

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