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4 Future Marketing Jobs: All You Need to Know


By Perla Aroyo

Nowadays, people change their jobs quite often. It's not a problem anymore to build a career from scratch because you want to try new opportunities. And any work experience you have can benefit your resume. Moreover, there is a growing number of new positions every day. It can be your starting point of getting a dream job, for instance, in marketing.

Even if you have never thought about this field, marketing jobs of the future can offer you a lot of new opportunities. In this article, you'll learn about them. You will also get to know why it is worth trying to apply for these jobs. Additionally, you will understand why sometimes it's essential to invest in your career and ask professionals in their field for some help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist is a brilliant position in our future marketing jobs rank. These individuals know everything about how websites work. They analyze the statistics of searches, know what should be written on a web page, and how to engage the potential client.

Despite the popularity of SEO specialists, this online job can be pretty tricky, especially when there is enormous competition in the market. On top of that, tech acquisition became a part of today's business as well. Professional resume editing services use some similar automation algorithms to ensure that employers see your CV. So what does all this mean for you?

Unfortunately, in a world of digital marketing strategies and computer algorithms, not every resume you send reaches the target recipient. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can ignore all your accomplishments and experiences if it doesn't like something from your file's formatting. That's why it's essential to have a bot-beating resume that can pass the test of ATS bots. Definitely look into this so you can have a shot at becoming an SEO specialist.

Market Research Analyst

Another job on our list is Market Research Analyst. If you are an applicant for this position, you should know that you will work with collecting a variety of helpful data. Good analytical skills are a must for these job seekers because you will interpret the collected information and identify forecast trends.

Marketing research analysts use different sources in their data collection to create a report on the common trends of interest. Sometimes, recruiters looking to hire for this position will check if the future analyst has good soft skills as well, apart from the key analytical skills needed for this job.

Recruiting firms usually look for these kinds of professionals for private companies and public organizations. From time to time, even a hiring manager of some NGOs can seek market research analysts for their campaigns.

The professional writers of this service have the qualification to craft a winning resume for any occasion. They know every tiny detail of the applicant tracking process and resume-scanning software. That's why it won't be a problem for them to construct your CV so well that you would get more interviews right away.

Business Development Manager

Any respectful organization must hire a business development manager. It would be hard to imagine a successful company without this person. The primary responsibility of this manager is to help an organization grow faster without additional risks.

If you want to send a job application for the position of Business Development Manager, you should know some main job activities. First of all, you should have a solid education in the field, with some specialty in economics. Moreover, knowing everything about the competitors and being ready to collaborate with the sales department will be key.

Just as in the case with the Public Relations (PR) specialist that we'll discuss below, a business development manager is a very well-paid job position. However, it can also be stressful because of the responsibilities and complicated hiring process.

To be a successful business development manager, you must have the analytical skills to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its competitors. Apart from that, you have to constantly communicate with partners, attend a variety of events, and get along with other teammates. Wherever you are, you'll need to be thinking about a new organization's opportunities.

In an ordinary recruiter's opinion, it's usually tough to find a candidate for this position. It requires a lot of complex skills and experiences. Moreover, the job interview consists of several stages to be sure this person suits the company. That's why, when organizations employ business development managers, their contracts last a long time.

Public Relations Specialist

Another specialist of the future works in public relations. You'd better not underestimate this profession because these people represent whole companies. As a result, a lot of elements that contribute to the success of an advertisement campaign, or the company's branding and image, depend on how a Public Relationship specialist communicates. The career of a Public Relations (PR) specialist usually entails a high salary and authority.

To land an interview for this position, you should do a little research on the company's profile and numbers. After all, a good PR manager always stays updated on the news in the field. Recruiters usually hire specialists who are both sociable and proactive. It would be strange to see a grumpy person as a PR specialist.

Sometimes, even a high school diploma is worth less than the applicant's soft skills and personal contacts. To land a job, you must show your interest in the company's growth. As a person responsible for the public image in this position, you would:

  • write the press releases;
  • work with media outlets;
  • regularly have joint meetings with other team players, such as SMM managers and copywriters.

Your duties would be extensive. However, you'd adore the salary of a PR manager as well as the opportunities the position can open to you in other career fields.


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