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2016 City Council Candidate Forum Questions


These are the 8 questions asked during the Candidate Forum on Wednesday, 1/27/2016:

1. Do you favor the current path the city is on for the proposed town center,including the potential moving of Highland Manor?

2. Would you be in favor of allowing the citizens of Apopka to vote to change the City Charter from city commissioners being elected at-large to single-member districts?

3. For this tax year, the City Council voted to keep the property tax rate the same, but because of increased valuations, taxes actually rose for most property owners. Was that the right thing to do or should the council have

lowered the rate? Should the tax rate have been increased?

4. Apopka's racial/ethnic make up is 50 percent white, 24 percent Hispanic, 21 percent black and 3 percent Asian. Many in our community believe the city has not made a priority of addressing the unique needs of the city's

minority population. Ocoee has created a Human Relations Diversity Board to promote understanding, respect, goodwill, and equality among all citizens and businesses of the city of Ocoee. What steps can the city of

Apopka take now to begin to bridge this divide, address the inequities that exist in our city and make Apopka a truly unified city?

5. The Apopka Community Redevelopment Area is bounded by Oak Street on the north, Hawthorne Avenue on the east and north of 10th Street. The portion of the CRA south of U.S. Highway 441 has been largely left

behind as the city has expanded and newer areas have blossomed and thrived. What should the city of Apopka do to make this area thrive again? Please provide specifics.

6. Should the city begin live video streaming City Council and other meetings?

7. Several department heads have left the city over the past 18 months. Have city services to the public improved in that time? How about internal city functions such as finance or IT?

8. Should Apopka add more red-light cameras, take them all down, or leave them as is?



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