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2016 Campaign Finance - Major Donors Spread The Wealth


The Apopka Voice has compiled a list of major donors as of February 12, 2016, and provides the following observations.

For this analysis a "major donor" is anyone who has donated at least $500.

This table list the cumulative amount of each candidate's major donor contributions and the number of major donors.

Arrowsmith $9,000 from 15 major donors

Bankson $10,650 from 13 major donors

Becker $8,500 from 14 major donors

Nolan $1,500 from 2 major donors

Ruth $7,000 from 12 major donors

Kim received no $500 or greater donations.

As the next table shows, there were 8 contributors who spread their donations between two candidates.

Fullscreen capture 2272016 60425 PM.bmp

  • One donor gave to both Arrowsmith and Ruth
  • Three donors gave to both Arrowsmith and Bankson
  • Four donors gave to both Becker and Ruth.

Three of the four donors to both Becker and Ruth (Cloud, Sullivan and Wilkes), are attorneys in the Orlando office of the Gray Robinson law firm. Thomas Cloud was the Attorney for the City of Apopka for 17 days in 2014. The GrayRobison Political Action Committee also donated $500 to Kyle Becker's campaign.

The total of the contributions received by Becker and Ruth from those associated with Gray Robinson connections is $3,500.

The total of contributions received by Becker from 4 members of Apopka's Nursery industry is $3,500.

The complete list of major donors can be found here.




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