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19 candidates confirmed for Chamber Hob Nob


Political candidates from around Central Florida will converge tomorrow evening at The Apopka VFW Community Center to take part in the Political Mingle and Hob Nob sponsored by The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce.

There are 19 candidates and more than 200 local business leaders and community members expected to be in attendance.

“We hope that the candidates are able to capitalize on the opportunity to share their respective visions for the greater Apopka area and the state as a whole,” said Chamber President Laura A. Heiselman. “We are particularly pleased to feature several judicial candidates. It is often challenging to learn more about these particular races so this event gives our attendees the chance to engage with candidates on a one-on-one basis to help make informed decisions.”


The Confirmed Candidates participating in the Chamber Hob Nob are:

Thuy Lowe, U.S. Congress, District 10

Geraldine F. Thompson, U.S. Congress, District 10

Jeffrey Ashton, State Attorney

Chuck O' Neal, State Senator, District 11

Bob Sindler, State Senator, District 11

Jerry L. Demings. Orange County Sheriff

Spike Hopkins, Orange County Sheriff

Orley Burey, Circuit Judge 9, Group 4

Luis Calderon, Circuit Judge 9, Group 4

Joseph Haynes Davis, Circuit Judge 9, Group 4

Dan Traver, Circuit Judge 9, Group 14

Eric DuBois, County Judge, Group 1

Kafi D. Kennedy Swanson, County Judge, Group 4

Tom Young, County Judge, Group 4

Mark Anthony Arias, County Judge, Group 5

Harold M. Bacchus, County Judge, Group 5

Evellen Jewett, County Judge, Group 5

Matthew J. Fitzpatrick, Orange County School Board, District 7

Christine Moore, Orange County School Board, District 7

The Hob Nob format is essentially a trade show for candidates... allowing attendees to engage one-on-one with the candidates and business exhibitors.

There are no formal speeches, forums or debates, but there will be a straw poll taken with the winners announced at the end of the evening by Chamber Board Chairman Jeff Welch.

Heiselman believes a good showing in the Straw Poll could springboard a candidate to victory in August or November.

“This is the first political Hob Nob in our region. A win helps a candidate to drive momentum as they head into the rest of the campaign season.”

Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, Political Hob Nob


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