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10 Ways to Stay Committed This Holiday Season


10 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Diet and Weight Loss Goals This Holiday Season - Part 1

The holiday season is almost here, and this time of year can be especially tough for anyone trying to lose weight and get healthy. With so much good tasting yet unhealthy food in abundance, how do you stay committed to your diet and weight loss goals?

Steve Siebold, a psychological performance coach and author of Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People, offers ten tips.

Here are the first five:

  • Focus on the long term goal: It’s easy to get consumed into the short term satisfaction of all that great tasting food, yet you must be strong and resist the temptation. Focus on the long term pride of achieving world-class fitness and health which leads to a leaner and stronger body, more confidence, better sex and a better all around you.

  • Remember your ‘why:’ When the going gets tough and you feel like you’re going to stray from your diet, remember your ‘why.’ Why am I doing this? Why do I want to really lose weight? Why do I want to get healthy? This will shock you back to reality and keep you motivated to stay on track.

  • Stop and think: Before you put anything in your mouth, stop and ask yourself one very important question: How is this piece of food or beverage going to impact my health? If the answer doesn’t foster good health and wellness, put it down and walk away.

  • Don’t eat for pleasure: We’ve come to associate the holiday season with great tasting foods, items that are usually high in fat, calories and sugar. Many people eat for pleasure this time of year. If you’re serious about your weight loss goals, this is the time to eat for health, not for pleasure.

  • You need accountability and support: If you’ve struggled with food your whole life, walking into Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is no different than a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar. You need support and accountability to stay strong. Find someone you trust who has your best interest at heart. Ask them to be your support person and to help hold you accountable for your actions.

“The holidays to the millions of dieters is like heroin to a recovering drug addict: it’s full of temptation and ultimately results in a negative outcome,” Siebold says. “It doesn’t take much to derail a diet and completely ruin the road to a healthier life and better body. The key to weight loss, getting fit and staying on track during the holidays is mental toughness.”

Use this link to see the second five tips.




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