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10 traits of an expert essay writer


Would you like to become an expert essay writer? Well, who wouldn’t? [Every time you order essay writing help, the result comes back so flawless and seems so effortless that you can't help but wonder 'could I have done that myself?'] Do you think that it is not achievable? We hope not, because you can become a professional writer, or at least take your essay writing to a completely different level. We don’t promise that it will be easy though. Expert essay writers are not those who just call themselves that. There are traits which distinguish professional essay writers among others. There may be different opinions, but we have collected the most commonly noted traits of such authors.

Reads a lot and in different genres

You cannot become an expert writer without reading a lot. It is just impossible. What is also impossible is to read only some online blogs and develop your vocabulary and style [to write a special occasion speech or ordinary essay]. Yes, there are quality online magazines, and some blogs are much better than some books, but still you need to read fiction and non-fiction literature in different genres to develop as an expert author.

Makes notes like crazy

The research shows that we learn about 10 new words per month. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you actually remember those words and make them a part of your regular vocabulary, and especially not your active writing vocab. It only means you become aware that such words exist. We recommend writing down new words and looking through them before you start writing. This way you will use a fresher and wider range of words. [For help with your next paper, check out paper writer reviews.]

Focused on details

A key characteristic of most writers is the ability to forget about everything in the outside world and to focus on the details of a particular task. Considering the fact that for an average adult it is difficult to stay fully attentive for more than 15 minutes, you can understand that it is a challenging task. If you miss some details, you will not be able to write a paper correctly. When you hire and pay an expert to write essays for you, on WriteMyPaperHub, for instance, you can rest assured the project will be done with the utmost attention to your requirements.

Knows his/her flaws

There are no perfect writers, just as there are no perfect people. You cannot be equally good in collecting information, in-depth research, analysis, writing, proofreading, creativity, logical explanations, etc. You need to use your strengths to maximum and balance your flaws, so they don’t spoil the whole paper. However, never try to be perfect in everything.

Expert writers are more disciplined than creative

It may come as a surprise but excessive creativity is not always a virtue. Creative people are prone to often be dependent on inspiration, while it can be hard for them to focus on mundane, daily assignments, and they tend to violate deadlines. Most of the expert writers we know about are first of all disciplined, and secondarily creative. They could truly be called a Custom Essay Meister. Academic writing requires you to follow specific guidelines, which means, for one, remembering algorithms.

Expresses thoughts in a clear, concise manner

Clarity is the biggest virtue when it comes to professional essay writing. Even if your arguments are rather average, when they are presented in a clear and concise manner your professor will be delighted. Again, being expert or professional essay writers aren't about being a genius. It is about following some specific rules, which guarantee the needed quality of the final draft.

Respects research above all

You cannot write a good paper fast without in-depth research. Even if it is a paper about your childhood - you will need to dig into your memories, ask your parents, friends. Otherwise, you will come up with something shallow, something limited in nature. Respect research and pay enough time to it. Take notes on the best free and paid databases with peer-reviewed articles, sign up for newsletters, etc.

Expert essay writer plans for emergencies

It doesn’t mean that he or she can foresee the future; it only means that he or she always has a "plan b" and always expects something to happen. For example, many students have problems with deadlines because they still believe that they live in a perfect world. Expert writers know that with every second project something goes wrong, so they plan in advance for more time to work on papers.

Uses extra tools

Expert writers know how to work efficiently and save time. They use citation generators, online proofreaders, specific writing software that block notifications on their PC and phone. Some of them use the Pomodoro technique and app, some follow Getting Things Done algorithms. You need to choose the ones that suit you the most.

Does meticulous proofreading

Being an expert writer doesn’t mean not making any mistakes. Professional writers don’t edit while writing, because it slows down the process, but they always leave enough time for proofreading.

Again, even if you are not planning to become a professional writer and write essays for money, you can use these tips to make your essay writing more quality, faster and easier. It will take some time, but it is worth it. Good luck!

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