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10 Super Bowl Fun Facts


1. Cam Newton is one win away from being the first ever QB to win the Heisman, National Championship, NFL MVP & Super Bowl.

2.At 39, Peyton Manning will be the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl.

3.Nielsen reported over the last ten years (2004-2014) viewership has increased by 22.4 million. The most viewed games are from the last five years, surpassing the most watched program from February 1983 with 106 million viewers–the M*A*S*H finale. Super Bowl XLVIII brought in over 25.3 million tweets generated – between the game, Beyonce’shalf-time show, and the ads.

4.It costs more to air a 30 second commercial ($5 million) than to host the Super Bowl.

5. As of Feb 1st, the most expensive Super Bowl ticket on StubHub was $23,000; the least expensive $3,301.

6.The name “Super Bowl’’ was conceived by Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt during a planning meeting in 1966 for the inaugural game. When owners were stuck trying to think of what to call the game, Hunt suddenly remembered that two of his children were obsessed with a popular toy of the era, the Super Ball. That’s when he blurted out, “Let’s call it the “Super Bowl!’’’ and it gained instant approval.

7.The first time a woman performed the coin flip came in 1981, with the widow of Packers coach Vince Lombardi, Marie Lombardi, doing the honors at SBXV.

8.The Super Bowl is the second most watched sporting event in the world. The first is soccer’s Champions League Final.

9.Every year, more than 700,000 footballs are made for official NFL use. 72 of them are set aside for use during the Super Bowl.

10.Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day of the year for food consumption in the US. Thanksgiving is first.

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