Aunt Ada’s quote after the incident


By Charles Towne                        

When I was a little boy child, and about knee high to a short snake, I found entertainment in the strangest and most off the wall places.

Take my aunt Ada for instance. She was always up for a good laugh.

First off, Aunt Ada was skinny as a loon’s leg, which wasn’t all that strange I guess. But on top of being skinny she also wore falsies. You know what I mean… falsies!

It was something to see Aunt Ada working in the garden hoeing weeds, sweating up a storm, with one falsie where it belonged and the other one having jiggled down to her waist band. I was young, but I knew enough about human anatomy to realize
that wasn’t natural, nohow!

On the day in question, Buster and Dootsie Bobo had paid me a nickel apiece to come watch Aunt Ada wiggle and jiggle as she hoed weeds because we knew, sooner or later, she was going to be somewhat lopsided, what with one falsie up and the other one down.

And that is when it happened.

A snake had been doing whatever it is that snakes do in gardens, when Aunt Ada’s zealous hoeing alarmed it.

Now I need to tell you that Aunt Ada was deathly afraid of snakes!

Mr. Snake fled the premises in absolute terror! The problem was, as the snake tried to vacate the vicinity, Aunt Ada’s feet were in his way. So, he obviously tried to crawl up one of her legs, which for Auntie, was not an acceptable choice of exit.

We watched as Aunt Ada began hopping up and down, an expression of horror on her face as she shouted in her squeaky, high pitched voice, “UH.. OH DEAR LORD, NO, OH NO, OH PLEASE NO. HELP! SNAKE! BITE IT! BITE ME! KILL IT!”

During all of her dancing and screaming the snake made his escape no worse for wear, except all of this excitement caused all the snake’s hair to turn gray. Poor snake. And Aunt Ada didn’t work in the garden any more that day. I think both she and the snake had enough excitement for one day.

Buster and Dootsie Bobo were happy because they had witnessed Aunt Ada’s hysterical antics, and that was worth a nickel any day.

Now, I told you all that so I could assure you that we are going to beat this dragon of a pandemic. Though some things are going to be different for a time, we, being the resilient people we are here in this great country of ours, will prosper in ways we never imagined. God bless us, one and all!

Dear Papa God, this thing has our attention like that little snake had Aunt Ada’s attention! So now, turn our hearts back to you; not in terror, but in a deep and abiding love. We praise you Father. We praise you and we love you. In Jesus’ wonderful name we
declare it, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Thank you, Chuck, for humor in
    such a stressful time!! I’m sure your Aunt Ada thought that was
    the worst thing that ever happened to her…and maybe it was. But she lived through it….
    and so will we! Remember, God is not shocked. He is in charge!
    He KNOWS how the story ends.
    God bless you and Nancy.

    • Great one Charles, keep the humor coming. Good medicine for a pandemic. My mother was terrified of snakes, she taught me to have no fear. It seemed that when she was a child, a snake crawled up in her pants and was biting her, her mother didn’t understand what was going on and was chastising her for all the fuss. That could make me uneasy too, I guess. Keep up the writing, I love your work.

      • Lorita, I must say that your mama, in spite of that traumatizing incident was an exceptional person to teach you not to fear what to her had to be terrifying.I am so glad that you enjoyed the article. Remember, Papa God is near and He loves you muchly, Chaz

  2. Dear CSG, Humor? You speak of humor? We smile and laugh when something funny happens, We smile when we smell a Gardenia, or confederate Jasmine. Could this mean that all of our senses are interconnected? That when we see something that strikes us as funny it is just as connected to the whole as smelling that gardenia? Or the touch of a loved one bringing a smile to our face is connected to the cooing of a dove? So complex, and yet so simple in that complexity, right from the hand of The Infinite. How very beautiful it all is, yes; how gloriously beautiful is our God! Bless you dear friend, Chaz

  3. Very enjoyable read my dear friend. It’s so nice nice to start my day with your tales and fond memories. Keep writing. The world needs more laughter right now!

  4. During the Great Depression there were pockets of privilege that were oblivious to what was happening. They even benefitted financially, but those who lost their jobs and stood in soup lines and struggled became frugal and resourceful. They experienced a different form education, just as young people today are learning from the pandemic. Inside the human heart and mind is the will to survive and eventually thrive. We possess the Creator’s sustaining spark of life.

  5. Judith, resilience, the ability to endure and bounce back is a gift from the creator. The ability to endure much and yet not lose hope, to bless and not curse, to lift up and encourage in spite of the challenges that life throws at us is a great blessing. Those that have endured much have much to give, even if it is the joy of life. Being able to smile and share joy in the face of adversity, to be able to rejoice in spite of your fear, pain and tears, is a great testament to the strength of the human spirit that can only come from the divine. Just a thought, Chaz

  6. Judith Hankes speaks of a “different form of education1” That education she speaks of I believe is survival, the science of self sufficiency, learning at the college of “hard knocks!” But above all else thinking of others as well as, or even before ourselves. Our world has taught and practiced at the “altar of self” so long that to think of others seems to be worthy of ridicule. Sad, but the Word pleads, “when I was hungry you fed me not, when I was wounded and sick you didn’t care, when I was thirsty you didn’t give me drink…” Let us now, if ever before, let humanity reign and reach out in love. A Friend

  7. Dear Friend, well said and well met! Let it always be said of us that we brought joy to the party, and introduced mirth as our forever friend, and held the hand of happiness as if she was an intimate. Bless you always, Chaz

  8. Being a very inquisitive person I was wondering if the “falsie fallout” alternated sides of if it was consistently a “one-sided affair”? Got a good laugh out of this one Chuck – keep them coming. I pray that this social distancing soon allows you to safely seen Nancy again soon. Keep the faith.

  9. Mike me old compadre, the mystery of the descending falsie is a question that has mystified many a good man, therefore it is good if a fellow doesn’t dwell on it over longly. Bless you pal, Chaz

  10. I know it almost seems as if the fourth horseman has been allowed to ride free but as Christians, we have, I believe, a sort of schedule to consult in Revelations and I think this too will pass, I believe there is more to be done and in any case as Christians, giving up and hopelessness are not options for us because we have access to the source of all hope and peace.
    On an unrelated matter, I would bet Aunt Ada exhibited some pretty good break dance moves years ahead of their time!
    Stay safe, trust the Lord, and wash your hands!

  11. Richard, my dear friend, what does the word say? “Fear not, for I am with thee, I will not leave thee nor forsake the, for I am your God… ” And you are my people!!! And whatever Aunt Ada’s moves were, you can bet they were ahead of her time! You take care my friend, keep the faith, and keep looking up. He is in charge! Chaz
    P.S. More important is a clean heart and a pure mind, aint it the truth? C

  12. Reminds me of a neighbor who was well well equipped and wore no support as she worked. That also spawned great curiosity.

  13. As always I enjoyed your story. Yes I do think the Covina virus will change the lives of all the people of the world. I think the stay at home order will cause a revival of family togetherness, a renewal in religion and demonstrate of how useless the federal government is in a crisis.

    • Herb, how right you are my friend, on all points, but especially involving the uselessness of the fed. Bless you and yours pal. Chaz

  14. Jorge, And that reminds me of of a neighbor lady that was somewhat well endowed and got one of her sensitive body parts caught in the ringer of her washing machine. My mama, while shaking her head remarked most sympathetically, “Now that had to hurt!”
    (I can see that I am not going to be able to tell any more stories that involve human anatomy!)
    Bless you my dear friend, Chaz
    PS, Those old clothes wringers were dangerous. One time mama was washing clothes and somehow got her hair caught in the wringer! It yanked out a chunk of hair but it grew back. We humans sure are interesting creatures, aren’t we? C

  15. Oh, how a little thing can cause a ruckus!!! A little snake…or a much littler virus…some more harmful than others…but is is a blessing that we have a great big God who can get us through whatever little or big thing we might encounter! Prayers for all of us!!!

  16. Faithy, aint it the truth!? But, like my aunt Ada, some folks will kick up a terrible fuss when they have everything going for them. I praise God that he loves us and is in charge of all our doings. Maybe we “Christians” will began to act more like genuine “Christians” after this instead of self seeking pagans! Bless you and yours, Chaz
    Please Papa God, as a nation, give us another chance and turn our hearts back to you! Amen

  17. My friend Charles, I have read all the comments by the various people and your responses to them. I have a couple of points I will mention, first, your reply to CSG. An occurrence is unto itself unique, we may experience it in different fashions but that is independent of the experience itself Our Creator, when He made us, gave us sensory apparatus He deemed sufficent to experience and explain the world around us! To some degree, everything that is, is interconnected! The other point I will comment on is the one why so many people say we will get through this! OF COURSE WE WILL! They think there is another option? Will they curl up and die when faced with adversity? I am reminded of an old American movie I have seen where the officer and his men are surrounded and most probably doomed and their response is a charge headlong into the enemy while the officer leading
    them cries out, ” Come on you SOB’s, you want to live forever? ” We will never give up because we most assuredly will live forever, our God has said so!

  18. Dimitri, you are right, everything is interconnected, but, no two people, experiencing the same thing, will respond the same way. I watched one of my cats at play. He was stalking a hose laying in my yard. He would creep up on the hose, and then pounce on it, leap back, and then do it again. Was this practice for killing snakes? I saw this same cat kill a snake one time, but most cats avoid snakes. Another time I saw this same cat drop a marble in a length of rain gutter. The marble would roll down the rain gutter, clattering all the way and the cat would follow it, to pounce on it when I came to the end of its journey, to carry it back and do it again. Was the cat playng with the marble? If so, he created a toy. Certainly unique behavior. Some people will assuredly curl up and die, while others will survive, and thrive while doing so. Not everybody responds the same way, that is what makes us unique. Well, that is enough of that… Bless you my friend, Chaz

  19. Well, I do remember a time when I liked to play with the little green garden snakes. I had caught one and put it in one of the pockets of my overalls, and forgot about it. later we climbed up into an orange tree and started to peel and eat some of the green oranges. We had our favorite limbs we liked to set on and we were into eating them and I started feeling like something was biting me! Then I remembered the garden snake I had put in my pocket! I got out of the tree as fast as I could and reached in to get the snake out and away, only to find out it was gone. Then my bottom started to burn like fire! Then I remembered picking a whole handful of small red peppers, we had passed on the way to our orange tree. And I had put them in my hip pocket, and they had been mashed flat when I sat down on the tree limb! My mother just laughed and said next time try to remember to put peppers in a front pocket not a back one!

  20. Don, mamas are so smart! Those little green grass snakes are beautiful aren’t they? Some of those hot peppers have a tendency to burn going in and coming out, if you know what I mean. Bless you my friend, Chaz

  21. Another wonderful story about from Mr. Charles town and ate it was certainly a colorful personality but nothing to compare with the originality and splendid storytelling of Mr. Charles town from one of his great fans



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