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Reggie you left somethings out. Let's start in the middle. The FWC said the pan wouldn't work, but did not say there was no way for a plan to be created that would work, so another plan has been submitted, that addressed the issues from the first plan. The FWC also said that "the gopher tortoise" area is in violation, mainly because of the neighbors to this area. You forgot mention this because you are always writing for 12 of those neighbors, that have encroached into this "habitat."

You also forgot to mention that Nick Nesta is the one that solicited potential buyers of the Harmon Rd property after he learned of the deal. The same Nick Nesta that has intentionally worked to undermine anything the RSR HOA board does.

RSR has a deal, it is a private deal, that does not put the City at risk. It gets control of the golf course lands back in the hands of RSR. It ensures that those 12 will not have a homeless encampment in their back yards, and that the City will not turn the 300 acres into a homeless area.

From: Playing hardball with the Golf Group makes sense for Apopka and Rock Springs Ridge

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