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There is SO MUCH I disagree with in this article that it's hard to not address it all. So let's just stick with the main issue, single use plastic bags. The author here has done -0- research, and is spewing partisan nonsense. Some examples of actual facts. It takes 3 times as much plastic to create a re-usable bag vs a single use. Single use plastic bags degrade quickly. Prove it to yourself. Put some change in a single use bag and leave it on your patio for a year. See what happens when you try to pick it up. Re-usables stay in land fills for MUCH longer than single use. And finally, New Jersey just released a report of findings after their first year of banning single use plastic bags. Their use of plastics HAS TRIPPLED IN ONE YEAR!! Re-usable bags is a farce that does more harm than good, but has been sold to the public as a solution. People need to wake the hell up.

From: Trash-talking Florida legislators push a pro-litter bill

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