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Sexline, Sailfish and marlin there in that shallow area....hmmm? We used to fish on the Eau Gallie bridge. One night all the fish lit up and glowed. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Anything that splashed lit up and glowed, and you could see the fish and the size of them. Something came under the bridge, and was way bigger than our truck. I was thinking a whale or great white shark. I ran around asking everybody why were the fish glowing in the dark. They said in was phosphorus in the water that had washed in from the phosphorus mines. I had never seen anything like that. It freaked me out. This was long ago, back when they had a restaurant at the end of the bridge and picnic tables out there that raccoons came and hung out there, and got upon the tables, and people would actually feed them. The first time we went there to fish, I thought the place was named Hog Alley Bridge, then I saw the name, and it was Eau Gallie, if I spelled it correctly.

From: This Florida city fights its own citizens over clean water

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