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Apopkacrewof3....Ok, I get what you are saying, for life safety. I understand. I just hope if these ledge balconies end up being built, it is my hopes that if a fire does occur, and there is no other way to escape from inside, that that ledge, not even wide as some peoples' shoe length, is wide enough for dad, mom, maybe 3 or 4 kids to get out there on that ledge to be rescued? I would have already answered you all, but I am expecting a refrigerator at anytime, and had to move everything for a path to allow the new refrigerator. Car and truck too. I'm tired already this morning Too much, this and that, to have to do. Our refrig went out a couple days ago. Only good was you get tax free now, if they are energy star, and is good until June 30, and under 3 thousand, I think. Ours was 699.00. Back to the apartments,...does the fire chief sit on the DRC? I know the police chief sits on it. I am not sure?

From: Wendover vs. The City of Apopka, and the definition of a balcony

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