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@momma Mia- as you say this “serves no purpose”. - you are right, no use for chairs, enjoying, etc. But…..the Juliet balcony actually does serve a purpose- it’s for life safety- and if our plans review board had a member of the Fire Department to look at life safety designs- maybe it does I don’t know- they might consider it.

A Juliet balcony- be it smaller and not for every day use- it does provide an exit from the apartment besides the front door- it gives a way to open the door and let in air and light. Most importantly it gives a way to escape your apartment in an emergency, ie. A fire. Yes a regular balcony would do the same but we can’t decide on that either.

Seems we struggle with doing anything at the City Center so why would this be any different.

From: Wendover vs. The City of Apopka, and the definition of a balcony

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