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Mayor Nelson and Commissioner Nesta are right on this vote. A sliding glass door opening to a narrow ledge is not a usable balcony. It serves no purpose. As usual, Becker is overthinking, and as usual, Velazquez is just following Becker. Rebecca Wilson, the project's attorney would not want that ledge as a balcony at her own home, I bet, and neither would Becker and Velazquez. It was interesting also that Ms. Wilson complained about the public having the right to speak about their thoughts on these apartments. She wanted them silenced. The mayor ignored her, and rightfully so....good! The publics' opinions were wanted when this city center was started, with so many vision meetings that took place. Who does she think she is? It all boils down to the people that will fill those apartments are not rich, but instead of limited income, so build them cheaper, and they get what they get.

From: Wendover vs. The City of Apopka, and the definition of a balcony

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